Gilas needs to be mentally tough against bum calls says Baldwin
By Nelson Beltran Updated Sunday September 27, 2015 - 4:10pm

Tab Baldwin I

HANGSHA - Perhaps not just in China but anywhere in the world, the luxuries enjoy by the host team include getting what's called the "borderline" or "50-50" calls.

Here, teams are talking about the need to ready for China's tall, formidable team and the bum calls.

"From what I saw in (China's games against) Korea and Jordan, they will get the 50-50 calls, even if the referees are not Chinese," said Gilas coach Tab Baldwin.

"There's a history for that. How do you prepare for that?  Mentally you have to be prepared not to get the 50-50 calls," Baldwin added.

The Koreans felt the Chinese drew some help from the refs as the host team fought back from an 18-point deficit and stole a 76-73 decision in their game Wednesday.

Baldwin said he was at the losing end of a huge call in the gold-medal game in Wuhan in 2011.

"I was in the wrong end of a pretty tough call four years ago and I won't forget that," said Baldwin, recalling the incident in the China-Jordan finale in Wuhan.

"It's a lesson that I certainly learned. We protested vociferously and we protested to the wind because that's the only entity that hears it," said Baldwin, the coach of the Jordan quintet then.

Looking back, Baldwin said it could be a blessing.

"Things like that change your life. Who knows, I might be living in a palace (in Jordan) had we won that, instead of coaching the Philippines. I'll take the result. I'll take the aftermath," he said.
Baldwin and his Jordan team then - led by Sam Daghles and Rasheim Wright - stunned Iran in the quarters then overcame Gilas Pilipinas in the semifinals to set up the titular duel with China.

In the elims, Gilas topped Jordan.

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