WATCH: Brandon Vera predicts KO win for Manny Pacquiao

One Championship heavyweight contender Brandon Vera sees Manny Pacquiao pulling off an eighth or ninth round knockout win against Floyd Mayweather, Jr. File Photo

MANILA, Philippines - One Championship heavyweight contender Brandon Vera believes Manny Pacquiao will win via knockout against Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in their megabuck fight on May 2 (May 3 Manila time) at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

The Fil-Am Mixed Martials Arts (MMA) star predicted that Mayweather would go down either in eight or ninth round.

"I think Pacquiao would pull it off probably in the eighth or ninth round," Vera told in an exclusive one-on-one interview before One Championship held their Manila event over the weekend.

Mayweather, who is a known defensive whiz inside the ring with his shoulder roll and jabs that threw off his first 47 opponents, isn't about to change his tactics when takes on Pacquiao.

The Filipino ring icon, who agreed to a 40-60 split just to get the dream fight, will use his speed and punching power to open up Mayweather's defense.

Vera is impressed with Mayweather's footwork and defensive skills but he believes that Pacquiao has what it takes to finally stain the undefeated boxer's immaculate 47-0 win-loss record.

"He's (Pacquiao) got to figure out Mayweather and learn how to cut off the ring and not chase him, kasi, magaling talaga ang footwork nung Mayweather.  As soon as he learns how to cut that (ring) off and he'll finish him up," Vera added. 

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