Max Kellerman to Pacquiao fans: I had to ask him about it

HBO boxing commentator Max Kellerman (last from left) is in hot water following his post-fight interview with Manny Pacquiao. Photo grabbed from Max Kellerman's Twitter account

MANILA, Philippines -- HBO Boxing commentator Max Kellerman defended himself from the flak he received, mostly, from Manny Pacquiao fans, who vilified him as 'rude' and 'sarcastic' during the post-fight interview. 

Kellerman said he loves Pacquiao but he had to ask those questions because it was part of his job.

During the post-fight interview, Kellerman was surprised when Pacquiao told him, "I thought I won the fight."

Then Kellerman pressed Pacquiao and asked, "You thought you won the fight?"

Pacquiao repeated his answer. That was the time when Kellerman broke the dam by retorting that "We didn't think that you won at ringside, the judges didn't."

Twitter exploded with both foreign and local boxing fans airing their disgust over Kellerman's post-fight interview. 

Kellerman finds himself in 'hot water' again one year after he was suspended by ESPN for an inappropriate conversation on ESPN-LA Radio surrounding Baltimore Ravens' Ray Rice and domestic abuse last year. 

This time, the HBO boxing commentator tried to defend himself on Twitter but the boxing fans felt his tone and his line of questioning was below the belt. 

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