Roach says Manny can't afford to lose
By Abac Cordero Updated Thursday April 10, 2014 - 12:00am

Manny Pacquiao is mobbed by boxing fans and members of the international media as he arrives at the MGM Grand Garden for his rematch with Tim Bradley this Saturday (Sunday in Manila).           ABAC CORDERO

LAS VEGAS - In 30 minutes with the international media, one question underscored how critical the fight against Timothy Bradley this Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden could be for Manny Pacquiao.

It's one fight they must win and can't afford to lose.

Trainer Freddie Roach was asked about the consequences of the fight.

What if they don't succeed? Will they talk about retirement?

"If that happens we'll have that discussion, yes," said Roach. "He asked me, well, ‘If I'm done will you tell me?' I said, ‘Of course, I will.' We do have a good agreement there."

Pacquiao was also asked if winning this fight would mean he could continue fighting.

And he said, "Winners always think positively."

Pacquiao still feels he won the first fight but said he had learned to accept the loss. Otherwise, it will only make "you feel sad."

"Because you're winning and you lose the fight. But you must accept that not all the time you're on the winning side. But you have to accept that," he went on.

Bradley won the first fight but admitted a few days ago in Los Angeles that he felt like the loser because a lot of fans and members of the media felt Pacquiao won.

It took almost two years for the rematch to happen. Pacquiao said at first he felt there was no need to stage a second fight because he had nothing to prove.

"It was very clear in the eyes of the audience and the fans. I've been in boxing for more than 20 years I know who's winning and who's losing," he said.

Asked about the possibility of a third fight with Bradley, the eight-division world champion said it's not even in his mind right now.

"I'm not thinking about that. This will be the final answer," he said.

Before coming to the interview, Pacquiao received a grand welcome at the MGM lobby. He had the place for himself because Bradley was still in Los Angeles, busy drumming up the fight.

Bradley came to watch the Lakers game Tuesday and did an interview with TNT. Immediately after, a private plane flew him to Vegas.

Quietly, the undefeated American set foot at the MGM Grand at around 10 p.m.

It was in contrast to Pacquiao's arrival.

The Filipino boxer made his way into the hotel, and up a makeshift boxing ring at the lobby surrounded and mobbed by his entourage of about two dozen men.

They shielded and moved Pacquiao like he was under attack, and in the process, Top Rank chief Bob Arum was almost run over.

Ricardo Jimenez of the Top Rank team said he "took an elbow" during Pacquiao's wild and wooly entrance.

"It's really a miracle no one was hurt and I'm really thankful everybody survived. I wouldn't allow this anymore," said Arum.

Bradley was just lucky he was miles and miles away drumming up the fight.

"At least he didn't have to go through this nonsense," said Arum.         

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