Bradley unfazed by underdog status
By Dino Maragay Updated Wednesday March 12, 2014 - 12:48pm

Photo by Chris Farina/Top Rank

MANILA, Philippines - WBO welterweight champion Timothy Bradley once again doesn't mind being the underdog against Manny Pacquiao.

Bradley had been in the same situation before two years ago when he and Pacquiao first fought, but ended up shocking the world after he escaped with a majority decision win over the Filipino.

For their April 12 rematch, Pacquiao is again reportedly a favorite among sports betting lines at -180 while Bradley is listed at +160. That means a $180 wager on Pacquiao will win you $100, while a bet of $100 on Bradley gives you $160 in return.

Bradley said the odds are the least of his concerns.

"He was a huge favorite (in the first fight). And at the end of the night, I won the fight. I beat him, and nobody was ready for it - not even the oddsmakers," he said in a report by Bev Llorente of ABS-CBN News North America.

Bradley proceeded to downplay Pacquiao's threat to go all out against him, saying he got all bases covered.

"I've already been in the ring with Pacquiao. I know what to expect, I know what I got to do to win the fight. I know what he is gonna bring," stressed the undefeated American.

"I know he is gonna try to bring the pressure on me. It's not gonna work. Right now, it's not gonna work. He is gonna have to definitely out-think me in there. He has to be a lot faster," he added.

Meanwhile, Pacquiao, according to veteran scribe Ronnie Nathanielsz, decided to take a break from training Tuesday as he combats jet lag. He and trainer Freddie Roach arrived in Los Angeles Sunday to wrap up their preparations at the Wild Card Gym in Hollywood.

The fighting congressman had looked great during his camp in General Santos City, impressing some of his sparring partners. One boxing scribe who covered Pacquiao's GenSan camp even told it's the best Pacquiao he'd seen in a while.

Bradley, for his part, insists he has the tools to repeat over Pacquiao.

"My footwork will win this fight for me, and my defense. The fact that I have speed - you know, Pacquiao doesn't fight anybody with the same speed as he is. He is a quick fighter, but I'm quick too. I'm just as quick, and I'm smarter than he is," Bradley explained.

"He has to be in very good shape, because like I said, I'm not gonna take no for an answer. I'm gonna win this fight," he further said.

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