Algieri insists he's no runner, bares holes in Pacquiao's style
By Dino Maragay Updated Friday November 21, 2014 - 2:50pm

Chris Algieri. Top Rank photo

MACAU - Chris Algieri defended himself from expectations that he will just run away from Manny Pacquiao when they tangle in Sunday's welterweight title fight here.

So will he go toe-to-toe with Pacquiao?

"At times, sure," the undefeated American said during an interview session with reporters at The Venetian Macao in this vibrant gambling city.

"I'm not a backpedaler or a runner. Some people like to say that. I'm a boxer," insisted the handsome-looking Algieri, a former kickboxer.

Though undefeated in 20 fights, Algieri isn't known for his punching power, with only 8 of those bouts ending by way of knockout. His stiff jab, long reach and movement lead many to believe he will turn Sunday's fight into a boxing match and avoid engaging the dangerous Pacquiao.

Algieri says he also plans to excite the crowd.

"There will be times I'm gonna throw multiple combinations, trading and mixing it up," he continued.

A boxer who interestingly also has a master's degree in clinical nutrition, Algieri added that his confidence is at an all-time high. He says he has studied Pacquiao from head to toe and noted the Filipino icon's vulnerability.

"There are holes in his style. He's obviously a great fighter with a tremendous amount of experience. He's very fast and strong. He punches from all angles and he's a busy fighter. But there are holes," he explained.

"There are certain punches that he's susceptible to. The overhand right from [Juan Manuel] Marquez, counter uppercuts and body punching. And [Pacquiao's having trouble with] anyone who gives him movement. Those are the things that we look to capitalize on," added Algieri.

He promised to win on Sunday and impress everyone in doing it.

"Whatever happens, I'm bringing some surprises with me come fight night," he said.

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