Pinoy scribes talk Donaire-Vetyeka
By Dino Maragay Updated Saturday May 31, 2014 - 3:40pm

Nonito Donaire Jr. challenges WBA featherweight champion Simpiwe Vetyeka at the Venetian Resort's Cotai Arena in Macau on Saturday. AJ Bolando

MACAU - Nonito Donaire Jr. faces WBA featherweight champion Simpiwe Vetyeka in a few hours the Cotai Arena of the Venetian Resort here, shooting for a fifth world title in as many divisions.

Vetyeka is a relatively unknown fighter from South Africa whose claim to fame is forcing longtime champion Chris John to quit on his stool, resulting in the biggest win of his career. He vows to defend his title against Donaire, whom he considers as a springboard to boxing superstardom.

Can Donaire pull off a win or will Vetyeka derail his career? sought the thoughts of some Filipino scribes covering the fight in Asia's bustling gambling capital.

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Abac Cordero, Philippine Star: "Pressure is on Donaire. Vetyeka is put in front of him as a test if he's good enough to be called an elite fighter. Donaire should win."

Marc Anthony Reyes, Philippine Daily Inquirer: "If a vintage Donaire shows up, it'll be a smashing win for him."

Ronnie Nathanielsz, ABS-CBN Sports: "Donaire is a smart fighter. Vetyeka has a tendency to lower his left hand and leave himself exposed, and Nonito will pounce on that. Donaire's father and trainer Nonito Sr. is confident they can beat Vetyeka. Now I'm not sure if he'll knock Vetyeka out, but I'm hoping he does."

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Ryan Songalia, "I like Donaire by decision, though I think Vetyeka is more than a live underdog. Vetyeka has a 50-50 shot, Donaire needs to be special."


Editor's note:'s special coverage of the Nonito Donaire-Simpiwe Vetyeka fight is made possible by Cebu Pacific Air, why every Juan flies.

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