University of Perpetual Help System Dalta Altas

University of Perpetual Help System Dalta Altas

They are contenders because of one man - Nigerian center Bright Akhuetie. Along with Mapua's Allwell Oraeme, Akhuetie elevates what is otherwise a team that is so-so despite the presence of last year's Most Valuable Player in Earl Scottie Thompson (they did lose Jong Baloria, Justine Alano and Harold Arboleda). Akhuetie's work ethic is impressive and it would do well for others - especially the locals - to emulate. He works hard, never gives up, and is smart. His backup, compatriot Prince Eze, is solid on defense but less polished on offense. He isn't bad though.

The tandem of Akhuetie and Thompson will keep teams honest and that will give others like Crispin Elopre, Ric Gallardo, Gab Daganon, Gerald Dizon, Flash Sadiwa, Kevin Oliviera and John Ylagan their looks.

If they are angling for a crack at the title then they have to make their move this year as it is Thompson's last. It isn't everyday you land a talent like him. - Rick Olivares, contributor

Team Roster:

Akhuetie, Bright Osagie

Bantayan Jr. Nestor D.

Cabiltes, Nikolo T.

Coronel, Antonio Jeffrey L.

Dagangon, Gabriel S.

Dizon, Gerald L.

Elopre II, Crispin C.

Eze, Prince Nnamdi

Gallardo, Ric C.

Oliveria, Kevin G.

Pido, Kieth Llowel G.

Sadiwa, Flash Gordon H.

Tamayo, Antonio Romulo G.

Thompson, Earl Scottie C.

Ylagan, John Genmar L.

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