San Sebastian College Recoletos Golden Stags

San Sebastian College Recoletos Golden Stags

Life after CJ Perez Year One. With the King Stag, the supposed heir to Calvin Abueva now ensconced in Katipunan with Ateneo, the Stags will lean heavily on Jon Ortuoste and talented bigman Bradwyn Guinto for leadership and points. They will be supported by Michael Calisaan, Ryan Castelo, and Jerick Fabian, however, the concern is the bench play.

The best bet for the Stags is to try and keep it close so they have a chance. That also means that Ortuoste and Guinto have to stay fresh and foul-free to give San Sebastian a chance. - Rick Olivares, contributor

Team Roster:

Alvarez, Eravin Oliver C.

Bragais, Genmar M.

Bulanado, Allyn B.

Calisaan, Michael D.

Capobres, Alvin Hohn M.

Costelo, Ryan Paule A.

David, Jayson Well P.

Fabian, Jerick A.

Guinto, Bradwyn M.

Mercado, Justine Louie C.

Ortuoste, Jon Kervin P.

Pretta, Spencer C.

Santos, Jeffrey S.

Sibal, Jess Albert F.

Vera, Domenick E.

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