Lyceum University Pirates

Lyceum University Pirates

There is a premium on bigs today. For Lyceum to do well, they will need strong performances from Kevin Gabayni and Wilson Baltazar. If they don't play well, then they will have a long day at the office trying to snipe from the outside behind Joemari Lascastesantos and Jeremiah Taladua. Not much material here. They will try to steal wins here and there but the odds are stacked up against this squad. - Rick Olivares, contributor

Team Roster:

Alanes, Shaquille Oswald M.

Ayaay, Mer Jesper A.

Baltazar, Wilson S.

Bulawan, Jebb B.

Elmejrab, Seraj A.

Gabayni, Joseph Angelo B.

Lascastesantos, Joemari Y.

Lugo, Noah Tracy

Malabanan, Allyn Mark A.

Marata, Edcor C.

Mbida, Essono Guy Mellon

Nguidjol, Jean Victor

Soliman, Paul John

Sunga, Richmon Jenric G.

Taladua, Jeremiah M.

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