Emilio Aguinaldo College Generals

Emilio Aguinaldo College Generals

New coach (Andy De Guzman is now sitting for Gerry Esplana) but same old problems.

Chemistry, game smarts, and defense are all wanting. During the summer, they relied on stops and individual brilliance to battle. But they also crumbled in the end. They have talent. If Sidney Onwubere, their talented small forward, can let the game flow instead of forcing the issue he will blossom into a fine talent. Joshua General has his moments. He is smart and crafty. Deceptive even. But he will have to do more than bombard from the outside. He should also set up his teammates. And there's Francis Munsayac who can match up with the best of the NCAA's top point guards. If he can stay foul free and not give up silly fouls then he will keep his team in the fight.

The onus on this squad is to play smart. - Rick Olivares, contributor

Adoum Abba, Mbang

Bonileon, Mario Emmanuel II T.

Corilla, Dan Kenneth E.

Diego, Enjerico John J.

Estacio, John Edric C.

General, Jozhua Mecdaniel P.

Hamadou, Laminou

Mallari, Jefferson E.

Mejos, Chirst Fernan M.

Morada, Jose Remy II B.

Munsayac, Francis John T.

Onwubere, Sidney Nelson B.

Pascua, Raymund C.

Pascual, Faustine O.

Serrano, Jerald G.

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