Colegio de San Juan de Letran Knights

Colegio de San Juan de Letran Knights

The Knights have talent. Their biggest problem is the lack of quality and depth at the four or five spot. Rey Publico isn't a center. He is a small forward with height. Jomari Sollano, their wonderful new find is also cut in the same mold. Felix Apreku is a workhorse who will corral offensive boards and give Letran another stab at the basket. ButÂ…. The glaring problem is lack of ceiling and a certified rim protector.

With the emergence of rim protectors and an inside presence for other squads like Perpetual Help and JRU, that gives the Knights more problems. They are in the same boat as the College of Saint Benilde except that they still have some firepower.

Their fortunes will largely depends on the heroics of Mark Cruz, Rey Nambatac, Kevin Racal, and John Quinto with badly needed help from Public, Sollano, Apreku, McJour Luib and Jerrick Balanza.

They showed they are still capable of mixing it up and contending especially during the summer. But for them to really contend, they have to find ways of containing the opposing frontlines. Now this is a challenge because do you reveal your hand in the eliminations where wins will be hard to scrape by or do you do what you can now?

At this point, I figure they will show everything and try and book that Final Four slot. Anything else will be an overachievement at this point. - Rick Olivares, contributor

Team Roster:

Apreku Jr., Felix G.

Balagasay, Jerrick G.

Bernabe, Matthew M.

Buenaflor, Kevin T.

Calvo, John Paul

Cruz, Mark L.

Dela Pena, Chrisantoni M.

Gedaria, Tommy York

Luib, Mcjour B.

Nambatac, Rey Benedict

Publico Jr., Reynaldo J.

Quinto, Kier John R.

Racal, Kevin Kent R.

Sollano, Itomari T.

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