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Urban Golf provides kids hi-tech training in basics

MANILA, Philippines - Urban Golf, an indoor golf lounge in Makati City equipped with the most accurate and realistic golf simulators in the world, offers training for junior boys and girls aged 5 to 13 years with or without golfing experience.

While the emphasis is on juniors learning the fundamentals of the game, developing a natural swing and the steady improvement of their game, the program ensures a fun-filled learning experience by incorporating skills challenges and friendly competitions.

By fully utilizing the accurate measurement technology of the simulators, the sophisticated coaching software and the two-camera video swing analysis system, the juniors will have their progress constantly evaluated during the semester.

At the end of each session, the juniors will enjoy themselves on the simulator’s fantasy courses, aiming balls across waterfalls, into city streets, and maybe even at the windows of houses alongside the final holes at St. Andrews.

Also, on the final day of the semester, all students will also get the chance to play nine holes from the junior tees at Pebble Beach in a friendly tournament. Everything for P8,000 early bird rate.

The results-driven training program, which will be facilitated by Chris Guerrero, former coach of Philippine national team and ICTSI golf team, and J3 Altea, coach of ICTSI golf team, will start on July 11.

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Inquiries: 8970595 or visit

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