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Racela turns to sarcasm amid frustration with calls in TNT’s Game 3 loss to Ginebra

TNT coach Nash Racela

MANILA, Philippines -- TNT head coach Nash Racela couldn't help but to switch his tone to get his point across.

After figuring in a heated verbal exchange with SMC sports director and Barangay Ginebra governor Alfrancis Chua during Game Three's intermission, Racela continued to express his distaste over the calls and non-calls of the tussle in a chat with reporters.

"Obviously, it was a perfectly officiated ball game. You can't really question the obvious. The referees did their part, did their best, in calling the game," he offered.

"I think all the calls were really nice. They made the right decisions, I think. I don't really question that and I'm happy our players in their best and gave ourselves a chance," he continued.

This is the second time Chua and Racela got into a verbal joust. The first time was during the All-Filipino Cup earlier this year that featured TNT and San Miguel Beer in the semifinal. The SMC executive replied to the latter's "special treatment" via a halftime presser.

"Gusto nyo malaman yung totoo? Baka ma-fine na naman ako ‘pag nagsalita pa ako," Racela noted. "You all know me, I won't start something. You all know me too well."

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"And you all know the other guys too well. That's all I can say," he continued.

On Friday, TNT lost to Ginebra, 103-106.

The Gin Kings relied on Joe Devance to counter Glen Rice Jr.'s hot shooting. On top of that, their free-throw shooting also paid dividends: they drilled 30 of their 43 looks from the charity stripe.

For comparison, TNT had only 14 tries from the freebie line.

"I think the next game, we will foul them a lot again and they'll get a lot of free throws again. We just have to find ways," Racela said.

But not everything Racela offered during the post-game chat were along the lines of vague.

"We were also aggressive today. Glen Rice kept on attacking the basket," he shared. "Watch the game."

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