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WATCH: Player accidentally knocks off fan’s nachos in MLB game

Photo from nacho man (guder82) on Twitter

MANILA, Philippines — Live sports is best enjoyed with good food, and food during sporting events is never cheap.

During the bottom of the second inning of their Major League Baseball match, Addison Russell of the Chicago Cubs crashed straight into the stands trying to save a flyball.

Not only was Russell unsuccessful in catching the ball, he also knocked off their rival team's supporter's nachos.

It was a sad scene, as tortilla chips and cheese were all over the dusty floor, with the maintenance crew immediately cleaning the mess.

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In the next inning, however, Russell emerged carrying a fresh plate of nachos for the spectator.

All is well as the fan was also able to score a selfie with Russell.

The Cubs went on to win the match 10-2 and eliminated the Cardinals from the division race.

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