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Arum won’t pay Pacquiao for fight in Philippines

Manny Pacquiao and promoter Bob Arum

MANILA, Philippines – Top Rank Inc. chief Bob Arum is open to the possibility of Manny Pacquiao fighting the Philippines as the boxer desires.

But the veteran promoter isn’t willing to pay the Filipino icon for it.

Speaking recently to’s Steve Kim, Arum said Pacquiao isn’t keen on fighting Jeff Horn again in Australia or even in Las Vegas, adding that his fighter only has his sights on his home country.

“Pacquiao up to this point made it plain he's not coming over to fight in Australia,” said Arum. “No, he doesn't want to fight in Vegas, either.”

Pacquiao is reportedly planning to hold the rematch with Horn — who pulled off a shocking win over him last July — in the Philippines in December. According to a source, he has offered the Australian $3 million to defend the WBO welterweight championship against him at the massive Philippine Arena in Bulacan.

But the money won’t come out of Arum’s pocket.

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“He wants to fight in the Philippines and with the peso being 52 pesos to the dollar — how the hell is everybody going to get paid, let alone him?" Arum continued.

“I would love to do a big fight for him in Manila or someplace else in the Philippines but the problem is don't expect me to pay for it,” he continued.

When Pacquiao fought Horn at the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia last July 2, it was the government of Queensland that shelled out a significant amount of money to finance the bout. They are willing to do it one more time, but only if Pacquiao fights Horn again in Brisbane.

However, Pacquiao is insisting on doing the rematch in the Philippines and has turned to the Department of Tourism for possible financial backing, something Arum confirmed.

“The tourism board in the Philippines has told us they'll do everything to help promote the fight except put up money. You've got to respect that,” Arum said.

And that’s all Pacquiao’s promoter has so far.

“I'm not at a standstill (with Pacquiao) but he's made his position clear, the world goes on,” he said.

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