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Horn: 'Disinterested' Pacquiao might underestimate me

Jeff Horn poses before a public workout at a shopping district in Brisbane, Australia on Thursday. | Photo from Duco Events

BRISBANE, Australia – Jeff Horn is considering Manny Pacquiao’s press conference behavior the other day as an indication of the Filipino icon’s disinterest in their fight here Sunday.

During a public workout Thursday at a plaza in this bustling city’s central business district, Horn was asked what he thought of Pacquiao being so occupied with his mobile phone at the pre-fight presser Wednesday.

The 29-year-old prospect was blunt in saying he didn’t like the way Pacquiao acted in the event.

“It's a bit disrespectful, not just to me. I'm thinking about everyone else who was watching,” Horn told the sizable crowd that had gathered to see him work out in person.

“He's showing all of us that he's not interested in what's going on,” he added.

For most part of the two-hour press conference Wednesday, Pacquiao’s eyes remained glued to his phone—often typing on it—which led to the boxer missing out on a question about his WBO welterweight title defense.

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Horn’s promoter, Dean Lonergan of Duco Events, jokingly called Pacquiao out for it, branding the eight-division world champion as “also a world champion texter.”

But for Horn, this may be a sign that Pacquiao is underestimating him.

“It seems he’s taking us lightly. I don't know,” said Horn, adding that if Pacquiao was his student, there will be repercussions.

“He'd definitely be in trouble in my class if he did that,” the licensed schoolteacher quipped, resulting in laughter from the crowd.

Horn skipped rope for about 10 minutes, then worked the mitts with his trainer Glenn Rushton, who, equipped with a microphone, was describing every detail of the action to the crowd. Afterwards, the Brisbane native went around signing autographs.

He stressed he is ready for the biggest fight of his career on Sunday at Suncorp Stadium, and just can’t imagine himself losing.

“I reckon I just move a lot better than Jessie Vargas (Pacquiao’s previous opponent), and I got a great trainer behind me that has done a 10-point plan. We can win this fight if I can follow that plan on that day, no matter what Manny Pacquiao does,” Horn continued.

“All I picture for myself is my hand being raised and the belt around my waist. I don't want to say I'm gonna knock him out or anything but I think I'm gonna win this fight.”

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