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Horn shows movement, distance in sparring vs Filipino boxer

Jeff Horn has sparred with Filipino Czar Amonsot as part of his preparation for his July 2 fight with Manny Pacquiao.

MANILA, Philippines – Jeff Horn on Monday gave Australian media a preview of what he can bring to the table against Manny Pacquiao.

The 29-year-old Horn allowed reporters to catch a glimpse of him sparring Filipino Czar Amonsot at the gym in Brisbane. Unlike Pacquiao’s handlers in his training camp in Manila who have always prohibited video recording during sparring sessions, Horn’s camp permitted cameras to roll this time.

A 45-second video clip uploaded on Twitter by Australian scribe Grantlee Kieza of the Courier-Mail shows Horn employing every inch of the ring to avoid Amonsot’s attacks. The 31-year-old former ALA fighter, who is a southpaw like Pacquiao, appeared to have difficulty connecting with his power left.

Horn, for his part, managed to land some quick counter hooks on Amonsot’s temple while using his footwork to dart out of danger. The Australian, however, is still far from invincible as Amonsot also finally caught him with a left hand near the end of the clip.

Nevertheless, Horn has displayed his ability to put his height, reach and movement to good use.

For his part, Amonsot, who now campaigns in Australia, has caught the attention of Horn’s camp due to his toughness and experience as a former Pacquiao sparmate.

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“He [Amonsot]’s been undefeated for years and is a former Pacquiao sparring partner. He’s tough and aggressive and fight fit,” Horn’s trainer, Glenn Rushton, said in an earlier report by Kieza.

Horn, a licensed school teacher, will challenge Pacquiao for the WBO welterweight title at the Suncorp Stadium in his hometown of Brisbane, and so far he appears to put in some good work.

He will enter the ring sporting advantages in height and reach—Horn stands 5-foot-9 compared to the 5-foot-6 Pacquiao and has a three-inch reach advantage over the Filipino (173 cm to 170 cm).

Those physical advantages combined with a powerful right hand, which Horn claims he has, make him an intriguing match-up for Pacquiao, who is still the heavy underdog.

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