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Roach: Pacquiao to KO Algieri

Freddie Roach says Manny Pacquiao will knock out Chris Algieri 'somewhere along the way' in their Nov. 23 fight. (File photo)

MANILA, Philippines – Despite Chris Algieri’s height and reach advantage over Manny Pacquiao, Freddie Roach thinks the American still won’t go the distance against his ward.

In an interview with Joe Habeeb of, Roach, although wary of Algieri’s style and jab, said he is optimistic on Pacquiao’s chances of winning.

Asked whether Pacquiao would have trouble with Algieri’s boxing skills and range, the bespectacled trainer responded to the contrary.

“No, it should be no problem with Pacquiao. He's way above him,” he said.

Pacquiao is a heavy favorite to beat Algieri in their Nov. 23 clash in Macau, while oddsmakers have installed the undefeated New Yorker as a 16-1 underdog.

Roach isn’t disagreeing with the odds, confident that Pacquiao will stop Algieri “somewhere along the way.”

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The cornerman then went on to bare Pacquiao’s training plan, saying they will set up camp in the Philippines since Macau is just a three-hour flight away.

The camp, Roach added, will run for six weeks, enough to get Pacquiao in tip-top condition to fight at a catchweight of 144 pounds.

Roach likewise said the catchweight won’t be an issue for Pacquiao, whose recent fights have been at welterweight (147 pounds). This may put Algieri at an advantage since he’ll be the one going up in weight while Pacquiao will be shedding pounds.

“It doesn’t matter. It is what it is, and we’re just going to get ready to fight him (Algieri),” Roach ended.

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