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No predictions from Donaire

Nonito Donaire

MANILA, Philippines - Nonito Donaire’s crystal ball can’t tell what’s going to happen inside the ring on Saturday (Sunday in Manila) when he faces Guillermo Rigondeaux at the Radio City in New York.

“It is impossible to say what I will do,” said the Filipino champion four days before he puts his lofty billing on the line against the two-time Olympic champion.

Donaire, holder of the WBO super-bantamweight title, said he’s ready to take anything from the undefeated WBA champion in the 122 lb division.

“I am a fighter who is given a situation and reacts to that situation and whatever that may be I know I have the power and weapons,” he said.

Donaire, the Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) Fighter of the Year for 2012, has perhaps the most lethal left hooks in boxing.

But he said it doesn’t mean it will be the same punch that will carry him past Rigondeaux and cement his position as one of the great boxers today.

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He said Rigondeaux, who vowed to end Donaire’s 12-year winning streak, should also watch out for the other hand.

“It may be the left or it may be the right,” said Donaire.

“I know I have power in both hands and that’s what makes me scary. I have power from all angles and the overhands or I have the straight punches,” the four-division world champion added.

During Tuesday’s tele-conference, Donaire admitted that Rigondeaux is no easy opponent.

“Rigondeaux has the same thing, power in both hands. But it’s going to be a great fight. To set things in motion I have to put the energy out there to make him engage or do whatever I want him to do,” he said.

The only concern for Donaire in the days heading to the fight is his weight. Reports said he was still five pounds over the limit but doesn’t see any problem at all.

This could or should be his last fight as the super-bantamweight and if he gets past Rigondeaux he moves on to featherweight to chase a fifth world title in as many divisions.

“Weight is good. I have been getting bigger so I may want to try to move up,” he said.

First, he needs to get past Rigondeaux.     

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