Prayers to the Holy Child: Powerful Prayer to Señor Santo Niño de Cebu

In the name of the Father, of the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

O miraculous Santo Niño, we come before Your sacred image, moved by love and by hope, we beseech You to look mercifully into my troubled heart. Let Your tender love, so alleviate our sufferings. Take from us, if it be Your will, all afflictions and never let us surrender to despair. Grant us, Señor Santo Niño the special grace we ask from You today, in all humility and with a loving trust, and for the sake of  Your sacred infancy, hear always our prayers, be generous with Your aid and consolation, that we may praise You and the Father, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Prayer of Thanksgiving


Divine Infant Jesus, Señor Santo Niño, we know You love me and would never leave us, We thank You for Your close presence in our life.

Miraculous Infant we believe in Your Promise of Peace, Blessings and freedom from want, we place every need and care in Your hands.

Lord Jesus, May we always trust in Your generous mercy and love.

We want to honor and praise You now and forever. Amen.

In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Jean Michaut



Child-like faith


Certain people, places, things and events remind us of our youth, bringing back so many memories of our past --- those Saturday afternoons when we used to attend Catechism classes, gathering around the church to listen to Bible stories, praying, reciting the rosary, etc. We were taught how to be good children of God, to obey our parents and elders, to follow the Ten Commandments, to be God-fearing and prayerful. With a child-like faith, we grew up believing in the teachings of the church, of God's unconditional love, with Jesus as the ever-merciful and forgiving God.

It was a happy life. There was peace and harmony. Our needs were simpler. Oh, that was all of yesterday!  All the things taught to us were carried on as we journeyed through life, facing it stage by stage, until we reached the Age of Reason and Rebellion. The valuable lessons were stored within us all these years. They're carved so deep in our hearts and minds that whenever we go wrong, we are simply reminded of the things we learned from our Catechism classes.

We have traveled through life's many journeys. But up until today we still hold dear the things which were taught to us. Sometimes we tend to forget the teachings of our youth. We slide back and falter. We pause and ponder and ask ourselves "Are these the things taught to us when we were kids?" Then we reflect on life's lessons. We go to Confession. We receive Communion. We start anew, feeling happy and refreshed. The prodigal son is back. A time to celebrate.

Indeed, we need God in our life no matter how old we have grown, or how much fame and fortune we have acquired. There is no better way than to live life according to God's teachings, reliving the lessons of the past. We are no longer the kid we used to be, but we simply remain the God-fearing person. After all, we are the children of the same God we worshipped and adored yesterday when we were that young.

As we celebrate the Feast of Señor Santo Niño, let us remind ourselves to have that child-like faith in One God who remains the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Let the child in us live forever. For God's greater honor and glory.


Henry L. Yu, M.D.


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