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Wellness expert finds protection for her bones

MANILA, Philippines - Millions are afflicted with osteoporosis worldwide. The risk of acquiring this disease is higher in women as their bones get more brittle faster than men. The saddest part of this health problem is that most women don’t know that osteoporosis can easily be prevented.

“Women nowadays are so active and busy. They tend to neglect their bone health because of their hectic schedules. They are also unaware of the causes and effects of osteoporosis,” says spa wellness expert Cathy Turvill, the woman behind the famous spa wellness center Nurture Tropical Spa.

As a wellness enthusiast, Turvill realized that the rising cases of osteoporosis can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle, which includes a diet high in calcium and regular exercise. Since milk is the best source of calcium, health experts advise women to drink milk regularly.

“Drinking milk is the most convenient way of ensuring an adequate intake of calcium every day. This is an important habit to help prevent osteoporosis later in life and improve overall health. After examining different milk brands, I find that Nesvita Pro-Bone Protection has all the nutrients I need to make my bones healthy and strong,” Turvill says.

Turvill learned about the advantages of Nesvita Pro-Bone Protection from other milk products by reading the labels.

“Always take time to read labels to know if your milk brand can give you the essential nutrients you need in optimum amounts. It’s also a great way to get your money’s worth,” she says.

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Turvill found out that Nesvita Pro-Bone Protection contains more amount of Calcium than other adult milk formulated for women per 100 grams.

She learned as well that Nesvita Pro-Bone Protection has a unique combination of vitamins and minerals for better calcium absorption and protection from osteoporosis, a skeletal disease that causes bones to become thin and brittle due to insufficient calcium intake.

“I learned that our bones undergo constant breaking down as we grow older. Nesvita Pro-Bone Protection helps me nourish my bones and maintain a good posture,” says Turvill who is turning 52 this year.

Reading labels also helped Turvill to know that Nesvita Pro-Bone Protection is also a good source of essential nutrients like iron, which helps maintain healthy blood.

Iron is important to women as they are prone to iron deficiency anemia. They lose this nutrient during their monthly menstrual period. 

Iron deficiency anemia occurs when almost all stored iron in the body has already been used up due to low iron intake from food. Symptoms of this deficiency include headaches and fatigue.

Nesvita Pro-Bone Protection is also rich in protein, ensuring the body can build and repair damaged tissues.

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