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Calata Corp.: There’s a future in agriculture DAET

DAET, Camarines Norte, Philippines — Thirty-two-year-old self-made businessman Joseph Calata is firm with his belief that more investments in agriculture industry can boost the economy and can bring a great future for the country.

In his speech before thousands of students and business leaders in Camarines Norte, Calata, the young president and chief executive officer of Calata Corp., said everyone, especially the youth, should explore agriculture more.

He also signed a memorandum of agreement with Daet City Mayor Tito Sarion to give scholarship grants to the children of farmers as well as give livelihood and human development programs in the whole province.

“We continue our efforts to secure the future of the youth. Our company is truly blessed because of agriculture. And that’s the reason why we should invest more not only in business opportunities but also in the people who can create great impact to the industry,” Calata said.

Calata identified himself to the students as a “Big Bro in Agriculture” because he spent his childhood in the province dreaming that someday the business of his family would grow and become big which it is today.

“Now we are publicly listed company. With my love and devotion to our land and nature I learned the trade in cultivating soil and livestock that has a huge potential in our country,” he said.

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Calata called the attention of the youth to give importance to agriculture, giving them assurance that he will continue to help farmers’ children.

“We should explore a career in agriculture and in cultivating our God-given natural resources because we have a lot of promise to fulfill. If not a career in agriculture, the youth should make sure that their chosen filled will cultivate life,” Calata said.

Calata Corp. is among the country’s top 1,000 corporations. It is listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange and is one of the biggest agri-conglomerates in the country. It is a leading distributor of agrochemicals, feeds, fertilizers and veterinary medicine.

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