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DENR eyes higher fines for environmental offenders

MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has started consultations for its plan to draft a blueprint on ecological damage assessment which aims to impose higher fines and penalties against environmental offenders.

In a statement issued recently, the DENR said around 100 environmental groups and law enforcement authorities gathered during the event held in Quezon City dubbed as “Ecosystem Resource Valuation in Support to Environmental Law Enforcement.”

Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu said the main goal of the two-day consultation last midweek was to set the parameters in determining the monetary value of lost environmental goods and services as a result of an environmental crime.

“It is imperative to impose higher fines for the commission of any violation against the country’s environmental laws if we are to really curb offenses like indiscriminate disposal of garbage, illegal logging, wildlife poaching and smuggling, to name a few,” Cimatu said.

“At present, damage from environmental crime cannot be fully accounted for as we have yet to develop a mechanism that would determine the full compensation cost for the damage made,” he added.

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