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Tribes sight tarsiers on Mt. Mayapay

BUTUAN CITY , Philippines   Tribal farmers planting trees in environmentally threatened Mt. Mayapay have discovered tarsiers in this city’s last ecosystem frontier.

Classified as primates or mammals, the Philippine tarsier with scientific name Tarsius syrichta is considered endangered.

Like humans, the female tarsier delivers her baby once in a year after a gestation period of six months. This is seen as the reason, aside from highly threatened habitats, the tarsier population is declining.

Mt. Mayapay tribal farmers have found male and female tarsiers, and last May was the fourth time they came across the primate this year.

Farmer Quirino Macalisang Jr. was cleaning the area for planting trees in the forested Purok 7, Sitio Ugabang when he claimed seeing one of the tarsiers atop a small bansilag tree in the morning of May 31.

Macalisang said he immediately informed his companions as he suspected there was another tarsier nearby.

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“This is not the first time tarsiers were found in Mt. Mayapay. What we found was the fourth this year. Last November 2016, a tarsier captured by a Mayapay resident escaped,” Macalisang told The STAR in an interview on the mountain.

Macalisang’s companions Sylvestre Pras, Roding Escartin and Datu Mansusuyat also believe there are many tarsiers still lurking in the mountain forests.

Mansusuyat has suggested an emergency meeting with the Mt. Mayapay Tribal Council and Development Board to discuss the tarsier sightings and request foreign conservation groups to help save the species.

Aside from tarsiers, tribes reported seeing deer, cloud rats and other wildlife species in Mt. Mayapay.

Located near Butuan City and the municipality of Buenavista in Agusan del Norte, Mt. Mayapay has a total area of 69,678.67 hectares. The mountain has been inhabited by indigenous people long before the Spaniards arrived.

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