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15 fun weekend activities for kids and kids at heart

Actress and multimedia personality Joyce Pring having fun at the Mountain Dew extreme sports park in BGC that offers free games and activities from July 14 to 16. Christopher Toledo IV

MANILA, Philippines — Looking for something to do this weekend? Here is a list of things to see and do for the whole family.

1. Witness the flight of drones

One of the best films about education is the 2009 Bollywood movie of “Three Idiots” starring Aamir Khan. In that film, an engineering student invented a quadcopter or most commonly known today as “drone.” Way back into the 20th century, quadcopter is only used by the military for surveillance. Now, there is a growing number of drone enthusiasts in the country.

Team Air Force Juan composed of Mike Andal, Mark Escueta, Aljerico Taleon, Jet Panganiban, and Norman Lopez in Team Time Trial, Marc Cometa in Rotocross, Gabe Villaver in Fastest Lap and Richard Aquino Jr. In Drone Photography headlined the first ever Game of Drones at Circulo Verde recently as they hailed as the champions in each category.  

Organized by Ortigas & Co, the Game of Drones will surely become an annual affair because of its success. Circulo Verde offered the perfect venue for the event where drone professionals, hobbyist, and amateurs had the best time of their lives using the remote-controlled aircrafts.

“We took inspiration from Dubai. They have almost similar obstacles and similar runs and we found space here so yes it is international standard but we added some lights that made it more magical,” Ortigas & Co marketing manager Monique Castaneda said.

Castaneda added that Circulo Verde offers not only a venue for drone enthusiast but a venue for friends and families bonding.  “A couple of lights, a couple of drinks a bit of laughter from friends. A drone hobby fosters a sense of camaraderie among strangers not only for friends,” she added.

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Everyone from kids and teens to adults took their time to enjoy the first flight of the drones in Circulo Verde where they enjoy the event over foods and drinks.

For those looking for food, drinks, toys and whatnot, due to public clamor Estancia is bringing back The Uncommon Sale starting July 14 until July 16 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Shoppers get to enjoy up to 70 percent discount from premium brands. Estancia is a high-end mall within Capitol Commons, Ortigas & Co.’s flourishing community development along Meralco Avenue corner Shaw Blvd., Ortigas Center, Pasig City.


Drones in flight

2. Watch a video on ‘Parent-child relationship in the age of BPO’

One year after the release of its first Passion for People video which quickly became viral, VXI Philippines (VXI PH) remains committed to delivering its promise of providing diverse opportunities for qualified individuals keen on becoming part of this award-winning and ever-growing company.

Passion for People is the employee value proposition and the official slogan of the company, which has been consistent in showing its employees that their welfare and well-being matters first, and it does not stop there.

 The company is hoping that the excellent workplace experience of employees translates into something positive that is experienced by the people they directly and constantly interact with: the family.

As a corporate entity and a major stakeholder in the business processing and outsourcing (BPO) industry, VXI PH's notable contribution is its trailblazing effort to put emphasis on the reality that many of today’s families are supported by kin who works at a call center.

The first Passion for People video is the result of the company’s effort to spread positive perception regarding the BPO industry. The company hopes that the second video has the same effect – entertain the audience as well as inform and educate, particularly about the challenges parents face when balancing work and family time and the rewards they reap for giving their best to make the most out of a difficult situation.

This is Passion for People crystallized – the company’s passion for its people’s well-being, and this people’s passion for a holistic, work-life balance.

Through the new video, the company hopes to inspire viewers into believing that a happy family time is not impossible.  


3. Enjoy free extreme sports in BGC

From July 14 to 16, Mountain Dew brings exhilarating activities to the center of Bonifacio Global City for an epic weekend made for adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers alike.

An entire block in the heart of BGC has been transformed into Dew Nation HQ, which boasts of a slew of exhilarating activities.

“A first in the Philippines, Mountain Dew’s campaign challenges consumers to stop being spectators and take part in pursuing the things they’re passionate about. It was truly a thrilling sight to see so many Filipinos that actually answered our call and made it to the Dew Nation HQ for a chance to partake in vigorous activities around like-minded people who share the same passions and lifestyle.” said Kay Paras, PepsiCo Flavors Category Manager.

Mountain Dew’s Dew Nation HQ features a dirt track made for a wild round of dirt racing for those with a need for speed. Racers get to take Mountain Dew’s 4x4 ATV’s out for a spin and definitely got their fix of speed.

“Sam and I didn’t think ATV courses would be so different from the race tracks we were used to. It was truly exhilarating feeling like a newbie all over again” said Mountain Dew Brand Ambassador Joyce Pring. Fellow racer Sam YG added “We're definitely adding ATVs to our to-do list whenever we get the chance! The speed and height we get from jumps is unlike anything I’ve tried before.”

Gamers are given the opportunity for friendly matches with fellow Dew gamers in a gaming hub. Dew Nation HQ had multiple Virtual Reality consoles for a more hands-on and active gaming experience. Gamers comfortable with the VR process showed off some moves but also shared tips with those eager to learn more and experience Virtual Reality gaming. There was a noticeable learning curve but everyone seemed to be getting the hang of things and enjoyed the experience altogether.

“Not too many people realize that gaming requires a lot of skill, timing, and patience. It’s not just mindless button mashing, but you need to think fast and always be one step ahead of your opponent and observe how they retaliate” said Mountain Dew Brand Ambassadors Jugs Jugueta and Ramon Bautista.

The Dew Crew put on quite a show for the attendees as they exhibited their sickest skateboarding and BMX tricks. Jaws dropped as they sped through humps and quick turns while catching some air and flips every now and then. Some lucky skateboarders and bikers even got to join the Dew Crew for a trick tutorial and jam when the event was winding down.

If you are passionate about extreme sports, a thrill seeker, or just want to experience a burst of adrenaline every now and then, grab a fix of Mountain Dew to keep you ready for more.


TV and radio host Sam YG enjoying the ATV Christopher Toledo IV
Mountain Dew brand ambassadors Sam YG (second from left), Joyce Pring (center) and Ramon Bautista (second from right). Christopher Toledo IV

4. Celebrate 40 years of Ocean Park Hong Kong

Filipinos love to travel and have fun in themed parks. Being one of the nearest countries in the Philippines, Hong Kong is one of the top destinations not only for shopping but also to enjoy what the country has to offer in terms of themed park.

More and more Filipinos are visiting Ocean Park Hong Kong to enjoy and experience the park that does not only offer fun and excitement but also educate conservation to the environment. In fact, there is a 26 percent increase of Filipino visitors last year. And now that they are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the park, chief executive Matthias Li believes they will surpass it this year.

“We consider the Philippine market as one of the largest tourist market for Ocean Park. Philippines is the strategic location for us so we pick the country as the target country,” Li added.

Located on the southern side of Hong Kong Island, Ocean Park is the home to thrill rides, animal exhibits and food outlets. The park has been able to focus on combining entertainment with education and conservation, connecting people with nature and providing opportunities for visitors to learn and have an up-close encounter with real animals.

“The way that we manage the park is to balance the entertainment and recreational needs of the public as well as the education. It is our mission to make sure that people who comes to enjoy the park that we were able to provide some nature conservation message so that when they go back to their daily lives they can apply it,” Li said.  

Annual events such as Summer Splash, Halloween Fest, Christmas Sensation, and Chinese New Year Celebration will headline their 40th year in the business. In addition, two hotels Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel and The Fullerton Hotel @ Ocean Park will be launched next 2018.

“Ocean Park is also Hong Kong’s unique home-grown theme park with a heritage of delivering family fun and fond memories. We believe a theme park must be culturally relevant to the markets it serves and Ocean Park has been extremely good at remaining focused on that value of ensuring its offerings are distinctively Hong Kong, while also being unique to Ocean park,” Li said.


A preview of entertainment in Ocean Park Hong Kong. Released

5. Have a splash with The Powerpuff Girls

In today’s world where different gadgets are becoming the center of attention of every kid, the art of playing under the sun is becoming a non-existent. Although kids knew that it is important to move that body instead of moving just a single hand, they still tend to stay indoors. Luckily, there is an event which they will play and interact with their favorite cartoons.    

Thousands of kids and kids-at-heart gathered at the SM by the Bay, Mall of Asia Complex to experience different activities under the sun with Cartoon Network’s Summer Splash.  

Inspired by Cartoon Network’s shows, awesome activities include The Powerpuff Girls Pokey Oaks Bubble Game, Ben 10 Omnitag Water Tag Game, Mighty Magiswords To Boulderly Go, among others.

“Since majority of the kids are now on vacation, we want them to enjoy with water elements. Some of the activity that we have incorporates water so we want them to experience the activity instead of staying home and playing or surfing with their tablets. We want them to experience the sun and water,” said Turner Philippines’ Pats Lim-Dy

There was also an arts-and-crafts area for creative type kids and a photo wall for the entire family was made during the event. Also, different booths are there to refresh and recharged the kids.

Characters from Cartoon Network shows such as Ben 10, Powerpuff Girls Adventure Time’s Jake and Finn paraded in the venue and interacted with kids. At the end the day, a firework display wowed the crowd.


Cartoon Network characters Milo Severo

6. Treat for ‘Transformers’ fans

Calling all fans of Transformers! 7-Eleven is giving away premium Transformers collectibles and a trip to Singapore for the ultimate Transformers experience. This exciting partnership is in time for the showing of the fifth movie in the franchise, “Transformers: The Last Knight.”

Whether you are rooting for Optimus Prime and the Autobots or Megatron and his Decepticons, this 7-Eleven tie-up will get you excited for this epic film with collectible Transformers drawstring bags and even a chance to experience the excitement of Transformers first hand at Universal Studios Singapore.


A scene from "Transformers." Released

7. Watch student-made documentaries

Viewers can take inspiration from real-life stories that tackle social issues while sharing hope found in different settings on Knowledge Channel’s “Class Project.”

“Class Project” features documentaries produced and created by college students, starting with projects by the students at Colegio de San Juan de Letran.

Among the documentaries to be aired are “Tahan Na,” about the orphans of SOS Children’s Village. The SOS Children’s Villages is a private, non-political, non-denominational organization that provides long-term family-based care to children in need, and “Tahan Na” tells the story of some of its residents. The documentary depicts how the orphaned children have found their permanent home in the village, with their fellow orphans becoming family and the house mothers becoming their own surrogate mothers.

Other documentaries include “Triple Kayod,” which follows a father juggling three different jobs to support his family, and “Haligi,” which features a father and son as they ride through the streets of Manila in their pedicab.

According to Daniel Sedilla-Cruz, channel head of Knowledge Channel, the project aims to give the spotlight to relevant social issues while giving a platform to student producers and content creators who come up with high-quality content for broadcast. The partnership with Colegio de San Juan de Letran will be the first in a series of tie-ups with different schools.

“As the title already implies, there are so many class projects like documentaries, especially by communication students, that are well-produced and should be shared,” says Sedilla-Cruz.

The project aims to give students at the collegiate level opportunities to showcase their work while making use of Knowledge Channel’s platform of educational television. The series will be airing student-made documentaries throughout the coming school year.

Watch the “Class Project” documentaries every Friday at 7:30 p.m. on Knowledge Channel.

Founded in 1999, Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc. is the only non-profit organization in the Philippines that offers curriculum-based, multimedia educational resources, and professional teacher trainings to improve teaching skills, thereby helping audiences learn better through technology. 


A scene from "Tahan na."

8. Enjoy international musicals or free movies at #StreamFest

This year, Globe is pulling out all the stops with four musical productions under its belt. Its musical run already began with the adaptation of "Disney’s Newsies," which started last July 7 at the Globe ICONIC Store and will run on all weekends of July. In August and September, Globe is co-producing the international tours of of the award-winning titles "West Side Story" from August 10 to 27 and the West End production of "The Sound of Music" from September 27 to October 15 both at The Theater at Solaire. Capping off 2017 will be the restaging of Menken & Ahren’s "A Christmas Carol" in December.

Online video content selections​ ​are​ growing so quickly that families can now ​spend an entire weekend just watching the latest movies, TV shows, and viral clips. To showcase how streaming can be a fun bonding pursuit for families, Globe at Home launched #StreamFest, a weekend of free movies, snacks, and loads of fun activities.

Every family can enjoy ​#StreamFest at home​ by availing of the new Globe at Home GoBIG plans, which come with bigger data allocations at affordable rates, and fast and reliable speeds. All plans come with 100 GB of data exclusive for YouTube, so families can enjoy content from music videos to recipes, DIY clips, and more.

Customers also get​ six months free access to Netflix and Disney Channel apps for award-winning original content and children’s shows, and a two month subscription to HOOQ for a diverse selection of local and foreign titles.


A scene from "Disney's Newsies" now playing in BGC. Released

9. Embrace art in life

“Hue And Me: Embracing Art In Life,” an art fair that celebrates art in all its forms, was held recently at SM Aura Premier, Taguig.

“Hue And Me” upholds the philosophy of incorporating art in everyday life for entertainment, aesthetics, personal development, business, or even to effect social change. The fair aimed to provide opportunities for learning new art skills and crafts, appreciation for art, and discovering its therapeutic benefits that improve quality of life, as well as empowering the youth with applicable knowledge and entrepreneurial artistry.

Artists and entrepreneurs exhibited their unique creations while engaging visitors to interesting and profitable workshops like how to make dream catchers, nail art, terrariums, charm bracelets, and pottery; cupcake designing; face painting; tattooing; food carving; make-up application; T-shirt printing; slippers painting; and rags/fabric weaving.

Visitors get to participate in informative talks like make-up application, photography, art therapy, art entrepreneurship, doodling, calligraphy, nude sketching session, painting, latter art and digital art in character development.

“Hue And Me: Embracing Art In Life” was produced and organized by Artiste Space in collaboration with SM Aura Premier.


A scene from "Snaks naman." Released

10. Prepare baon together.

Teach your kids the basics of food preparation by involving them in preparing simple snacks like sandwiches, veggie sticks, or simple ulam-and-rice combos. Make it extra fun by coming  up with Bento meals, where rice and “ulam” can be done in various shapes. Try making Monster Burgers, as shown on “Snaks Naman” of Team YeY.


11. Learn Philippine literature together.

Turn TV bonding into a fun learning experience by tuning in to Team YeY’s “StorYeY” to revisit classic Philippine literature. Stand by to explain any questions they might have, and turn it into an educational viewing habit.


12. Do art projects together.

Having quality time with kids doesn’t have to involve lots of planning and money as you can help with their homework and art projects every now and then. Together, you can get crafty and creative. Tune in to Team YeY’s “Artstig” for easy ideas.


13. Beat the rainy day blues with party games at home.

To make rainy days festive, improvise by organizing DIY party games at home with the kids. Invite cousins and classmates over on a weekend and engage them in team games as seen on Team YeY’s “Sunday Funday” and “Game Play.”


14. Take a break from work stress and jam.

Take a short break by jamming with your kids while watching Team YeY’s “Soundcheck.” This will also give you an opportunity to see and experience what your kids are into these days. Try teaching them your favorite songs, too—the will enjoy learning “old” songs from you, too. 


15. Get some exercise by dancing.

Since it is hard to find time to exercise these days, improvise! Bust a move with the kids as they dance along to Team YeY’s “Galaw Go.” You do not need a Zumba class—just dance with the kids and have some laughs as you attempt to follow the dance steps on TV.

 Do not let the start of the school year stop you from spending quality time with your kids. Set aside a little time each day to play and learn with them. Tune in to Team YeY every day of the week at 8:30 am and 2:30 pm. Team YeY airs on YeY channel exclusively on TVplus, with catch up episodes on iWant TV.

A scene from "Sunday Funday." Released


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