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Over P377 million raised in US Northeast for 'Yolanda' victims

MANILA, Philippines - The Filipino communities in the US Northeast along with various groups and individuals have donated about $8.5 million or over P377 million for the reconstruction and recovery efforts in areas hit by Super Typhoon "Yolanda."

Several organizations initiated fundraisers benefitting Philippine and international foundations that are helping the typhoon victims.

Philippine Consulate General Mario de Leon thanked all the donors for their generosity and hoped that they will continue to assist the typhoon-devastated areas through projects that will help in the reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts.

“I am overwhelmed by the continued support we are getting from the community groups, private companies, faith-based groups, schools and individuals within the US Northeast for the typhoon victims in the Philippines. So far, we have already monitored donations worth at least $8.5 million coming from our region," he said.

De Leon also welcomed the recent launching of the Philippine Government’s Reconstruction Assistance on Yolanda (RAY), a strategic plan to guide the recovery and reconstruction of the economy, lives, and livelihoods of people and communities in the areas affected by Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).

The plan, which was presented on December 18 in Manila to various donors and partners, aims to restore the economic and social conditions of the affected areas and place them in a higher level of disaster resilience.

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According to the RAY, the Philippines will need a total of $8.17 billion for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the devastated areas.

“I encourage our community to re-focus their future socio-economic and charitable projects and even their medical missions to the typhoon-devastated places to support the Government’s reconstruction plan," de Leon said.

He added that those who want to help can also support projects that will have more concrete and lasting impact, such as the “Build-A-Shelter Project” of the Friends of FilCom and the Philippine Jesuit Foundation.

Some of the groups and organizationsin in the US Northeast that raised donations:

  • Philippine-American Association of Connecticut - $28,000.
  • Filipino Executive Council of Greater Philadelphia’s fund -$23,000
  • Filipino Community Development Center in Toms River, New Jersey - $35,000
  • Massachusetts-based Philippine-American Mainstream Advocacy of Nonpartisan Associations, Inc. - $2,200
  • Pilipino-American Association of New England, Inc. - $2,500,
  • Friends of the Philippine Mission to the United Nations - $10,000
  • Philippine American Friendship Committee - $6,800
  • Here Lies Love - $100,000
  • Filipino American Association of Fair Lawn, Inc. - $18,000 in Philadelphia Police Asian American Advisory Committee - $1,660
  • Filipino–American Council - $25,000
  • Suffolk County - 10 pallets of meals ready to eat and 10 pallets of bottled water
  • Nassau County - 528 cases of MREs
  • United Nations International School in New York student groups - $20,000
  • Yuichi Shikanai Japanese School in New Jersey students - $511

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