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President Duterte has described the Philippine National Police as “corrupt (and) rotten to the core.” The brutal execution of South Korean businessman Jee Ick-joo right inside PNP headquarters at Camp Crame in  2016 was just one of the cases that prompted this assessment by the President.


I would like to hear what Sen. Antonio Trillanes has to say about the latest SWS survey where President Rodrigo Duterte broke all records, posting an “excellent” net satisfaction rating as of end-2017.

Through bullying tactics the House “super-majority” last Tuesday approved, by a voice vote (“ayes” and “nays”), Concurrent Resolution No. 9 which calls for Congress to act as constituent assembly or “con-ass” to revise the 1987 Constitution.

The only Constitution to institutionalize the principle that a public office is a public trust. With these words, former Chief Justice and former Constitutional Commissioner Hilario Davide Jr. professed his patronage for the imperfect instrument he co-wrote.

I was in high school when the great Armida Siguion Reyna portrayed the role of a lifetime – the wealthy woman who was the tormentor of the atsay (housemaid) played by, who else, but by the iconic Nora Aunor.

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