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As everyone expected, Congress approved yesterday by an overwhelming vote the extension of martial law all over Mindanao by a year. The extension was requested by President Duterte, based on recommendations of the military and police.


This is really curious. An entire airport project disappeared from the national budget set to be signed into law by President Duterte over the next few days.

The land transportation and safety regulatory architecture of our country is archaic, severely broken and is destroying many lives.

I have always advocated reading books. But what’s even more powerful than reading is writing. No one is ever too young nor too old to start learning. And this is what the Where the Write Things, a writing center for writers of all ages, is all about.

As a student making an internship in a company some 30 years ago I was quite annoyed that I had to work without being paid. As a diplomat many years later I found it embarrassing that we had interns working sometimes long hours, but we were not able to compensate them financially.

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