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It’s a different military, the Armed Forces of the Philippines assured the public yesterday as the nation prepared to mark 45 years since Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law. For the most part, the AFP is right.


BOTH President Rodrigo Duterte and the Opposition presumably want martial law declared nationwide this early, coinciding with the 45th anniversary of the People Power Revolt that toppled Ferdinand Marcos in 1986 – because they need it.

In his usual, sarcastic way, President Rodrigo Duterte caused the issuance of proclamation 319 suspending work today in government agencies and local governments to mark a “national day of protest.”

NAPLES, Italy: We’re on the final stages of our Mediterranean vacation on board the cruise liner the Royal Princess, where we have been writing a travelogue about this trip.

In 1971, the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC) was established to encourage ethical and social responsibility of the media to support democratic access and participation in  media development and production.

“Testament From a Pri-son Cell” is a collection of writings by Ninoy Aquino when he was in jail in Fort Bonifacio during the Marcos dictatorship. Today, on the 45th anniversary of that day of infamy, here are some excerpts from that book.

In less than two weeks we will celebrate the German national day, the anniversary of the German reunification. The end of the German – and European – division into East and West would not have been possible without the courage of East Germans protesting peacefully against the communist tyranny and forcing the opening of the Berlin wall.