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Lawmakers craft laws so they should set the example in obeying the law.


There will be P900 M more for “tokhang,” but P2.3 B less for rehab. Will they ‘save’ or ‘salvage’ the users, Recto asks?

The sight of the parents grieving over the brutal killing of their son is made more heartbreaking by the thought that they might never get justice.

Oftentimes, people are driven to commit a crime because of poverty.

Gascon vows no amount of threats, however, would stop the CHR from performing its constitutional mandate to uphold the universal human rights of every Filipinos.

There is so much hatred and self-righteousness in our national politics today that I have to ask: “Who among you is without sin?” – who among you can claim that at the end of the day your words and actions are really true as in: true to a life lived and dedicated for the national interest and public service.