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Sixto, here’s proof of your PCOS fraud

Today’s has got to be Noynoy Aquino’s most awaited State of the Nation, since his first yearly July address in 2010. Filipinos want to hear what the President whom critics deem to be politically dead will say.

P-Noy committed political suicide, the critics opine. He did this the other week, in haranguing the Supreme Court for illegalizing his Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP). What was he up to, they wonder? Did he think he could get the SC to reverse its unanimous 13-0 ruling by menacing it? Did he miscalculate that the justices all the more would stand by their decision, or else be perceived as waffling? When the SC trashes it a second time, P-Noy’s hundred-billion-peso DAP indelibly would be regarded as a presidential pork barrel, no better than the hated, similarly illegalized congressional version.

P-Noy’s political decline would be inopportune. So powerful is a President that on him largely depends the salvation of one-fourth of the population from poverty. Meanwhile, China’s communist princelings are stepping up their invasions of Philippine reefs and shoals.

Perhaps statesmanship can save the day, if it’s not too late. But that’s all up to him.

* * *

Comelec chief Sixto Brillantes often dares critics of his Precinct Count Optical Scanners: “Show me just one proof of cheating by PCOS, and I will resign.”

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Well, Sixto, prepare to ship out. For, a recent court-sanctioned manual recount shows your PCOS to be so wrong in counting senatorial votes in Elections 2013. This is in not just one but three instances.

Two followers of Christian leader Brother Eddie Villanueva had sought the recount. Bernardo Aranas and Arlan Esteban wondered why Villanueva had notched low among the senatorial bets in Barangays Pias and Concepcion, Gen. Tinio town, Nueva Ecija province.

Aranas and Esteban’s petition for manual recount was not an election protest. Only the Senate Electoral Tribunal may hear senatorial protests; besides, the period for filing such action had long lapsed when they filed a civil action in Aug. 2013.

The two just wanted to know the truth. So did 672 avowed Villanueva voters, signing 28 special powers of attorney, 24 in each. They aimed to abide by John 8:32: “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Lawyer Anicia Concepcion-Marquez recounted info-tech experts’ many findings of PCOS fraud. So Judge Celso O. Baguio, Gapan City Regional Trial Court-Branch 34, agreed to hear the case. The Municipal Election Registrar saw no need to oppose.

The recount proceeded in Mar. 2014. Subpoenaed was the PCOS municipal canvass of votes for Barangay Concepcion’s Clustered Precincts 19, and Barangay Pias’ CPs 29 and 30. The former listed 379 votes for Villanueva, and the latter two another 379. This stunned the petitioners and supporters. The mere 758-sum was impossible. For, on Election Day 2013, they had stood watch outside the three CPs where hundreds more barangay-mates than just the 672 of them had confirmed voting for Villanueva.

Next, the ballot boxes were opened. The PCOS tally sheet for CP 19 showed 278 Villanueva votes, a telling mismatch from the PCOS canvass; that for CP 30 was 219; oddly there was none for CP 29. The PCOS Statement of Votes for CP 29 was retrieved from the municipio: it stated 284 Villanueva votes.

The manual recount followed. CP 19 notched 379 votes for Villanueva, 101 more than the PCOS tally, and coincidentally matching the canvass. CP 29 had 295, 11 more than the PCOS statement. CP 30 had 226, seven more than the PCOS count.

In sum in the three clustered precincts, Villanueva got 900 votes, 119 more than the PCOS’ 781.

The votes of the 32 other senatorial candidates were recounted but not officially included in the court ruling, because not part of the civil action. But comparing the tally breakdowns, Villanueva led all the rest.

Election lawyer Sixto will blather that these results are from only three of dozens of barangays in one of thousands of towns. Yet as all lawyers, even those who aged knowing only elections, say, “Falsity in one, falsity in all.”

Villanueva is a household name, his six-million-strong 36-year-old Born-Again Jesus Is Lord being the largest congregation of the Philippines for Jesus Movement. He has a long-running TV show, and had run for President in 2004 and 2010, so is familiar to voters.

Yet mysteriously in all provinces, congressional districts, cities, and towns in Election 2013, he consistently landed only 19th in the pack. This was true in oppositionist Metro Manila, where he is very popular; in regionalist Bicol, where voters go only for fellow-Bicolanos, and in the Muslim Mindanao Region. He lost in Villanueva town, Misamis Oriental, where all mayoral contenders went all out for him. The only exception was Villanueva’s Bulacan home province, where he was ninth. Even that Bulakeños found incredible, for all political leaders there had signed a covenant to bring him to the Senate.

Likely, Villanueva was “PCOSed”. That is, he fell victim to the 60-30-10-percent manipulation of senatorial results for administration-opposition-independent candidates. Sixto’s cheating machines had preprogrammed such for Election 2013. So say Nelson Celis and Toti Casiño, current and former presidents of the Computer Society of the Philippines. So does mathematician-professor Felix Muga, who expounded on the discovery by programming expert Dr. Pablo Manalastas of the 60-30-10 trend.

Gen. Tinio is not the first proof of PCOS fraud. In Apr. 2013 the losing 2010 reelection mayor of Compostela, Cebu, also sought a manual recount, for the sake of truth. The court action had him garnering 4,000 more votes than the PCOS count (Gotcha, 5 Apr. 2013).

In Pasay City, Metro Manila, in Election 2013, the PCOS counted 1,498 more votes for the four mayoral candidates than actual ballots cast, also as stated in the PCOS official Statement of Votes (Gotcha, 3 July 2013). The machines cheated each other.

Cesar Flores, the organ grinder of PCOS’ Venezuelan supplier Smartmatic Inc., will insist that human appreciation of ballots is inferior to machine appreciation. The computer-illiterate monkey at the Comelec will dance to Flores’ tune.

Celis disagrees. The machine appreciation in Elections 2010 and 2013 are inferior to human appreciation. For, the PCOS can and was manipulated to count votes where there were none, simply by calibrating them ultrasensitive to voter pen marks or ballot printers’ alignments.

Meanwhile, a People’s Petition Against the PCOS gathers more and more signatures among the middle class. A Full-Suffrage Movement is aborning too for easier voting for our lost thinking class, 11 million OFWs, than the Comelec’s restrictive ways. Try and stop them, Sixto, and face Filipinos’ wrath.

* * *

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