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Lucky, the new ‘hottie’

Newest Century Corned Tuna endorser Luis ‘Lucky’ Manzano.

He’s versatile and entertaining, characteristics that make LuisLuckyManzano sexy. Because of that, Century Tuna, the No. 1 tuna brand in the country, welcomed him as its new endorser during the festive event where the company announced its new and improved chili corned tuna.

“Luis’ versatility, lively and fun personality makes him an obvious choice for the brand,” said Century Pacific Food Inc. VP and general manager Greg Banzon.

He added, “Consumers put a premium on value for money and that’s why we’ve introduced this new variant that’s bigger and allows for more servings or sharing per can with a hotter flavor that’s loved by many.”

Luis Manzano has appeared in a string of box-office hits straddling both comedy and drama as an actor and is also a talented host of top-rating TV game shows.

The fun, fiesta-themed event was hosted by radio jock Sam YG at the Sarsa Restaurant in Makati where guests were treated to a feast of Filipino dishes with a modern touch — a fitting welcome for the newest hottie of the Century Tuna brand.

Luis said, “I’ve always loved Century Tuna. It’s something I always have especially since I am constantly on the go.”

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Angelina and Joey Mead King.

Alpha females, unite!

In celebration of Women’s Month, SM Woman unveiled its Summer 2017 collection emphasizing on the Alpha female image.

Guests witnessed a wide array of ensemble catering to women of different tastes and body types from brands like Coco Cabana, Gigi Amore, GTW, Prima and Curves.

Among those spotted at the event were volleyball superstars Amy Ahomiro and Dennise Lazaro, Czarina Ablaza-Syquia, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Maggie Wilson-Consunji and models Jodilly Pendre and Phoemela Baranda.

The show opened with the introduction of SM Woman’s brand ambassadors including couple Joey and Angelina Mead King. International plus-size model Katrina Gumabao took the runaway along with some of the models from Ford Modeling Agency in New York.  The event concluded with a VIP shopping party where guests had the opportunity to buy the runway pieces at The Store.

SM Ladies Fashion SVP Jo Dy Juanco said, “Our woman understands fashion. We at SM value every woman as she develops her confidence and self esteem through fashion.”

The collection tackles all shapes and sizes, cuts and patterns to show that SM  Woman is indeed “fashion for every woman.”

(Visit @SMWoman and @GTWbySM on Instagram.)

Executive Japanese chef Wataru Hikawa (extreme right) and the Inagiku chefs.

A big Sunday brunch

Makati Shangri-La introduces The Picnic, a big Sunday brunch that will bring together the best of the best dishes of Inagiku, Sage Bespoke Grill and Shang Palace on April 2, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Executive assistant manager for Food and Beverage Andrew Zarzosa said, “We are delighted to introduce this unique dining experience to our patrons. We want families to enjoy a picnic-style brunch buffet specially curated by Makati Shangri-La’s international chefs.”

The hotel’s Mezzanine level will have interactive food stations all around. Experience Shang Palace’s signature dim sum like xiao long bao and hakaw plus other Cantonese favorites such as Peking duck, sweet and sour pork and hot prawn salad. Taste Inagiku’s 18 years of authentic Japanese cuisine featuring the richest noodles, tempura and a variety of the freshest sushi. Drop by Sage Bespoke Grill’s Butchery that showcases finest meats in the Josper grill plus charcuterie in a live station. Pair every meat with freshly made pasta and foie gras. Then there’s Grandma’s Kitchen, a heartwarming corner, which is reminiscent of a sweet old lady’s cottage filled with confections in every cupboard and drawer.

(For inquiries and reservations, call 813-8888 or e-mail rric.slm@shangri-la.com.)

Leading the ceremonial toast are (from left) AIM professor Tet Mañalac, co-founder Bud Sorenson, board of trustee Gabriel Paredes, chairman Polly Nazareno, board governor Oscar Lopez, president and dean Jikyeong Kang, board of trustee Arps de Vera, AIM Scientific Research Foundation board trustees Robert Kuan and Philip Ng, adviser to the board of trustees Delia Albert and AIM Alumni Association chairman Greg Atienza.

A night of inspiring leaders

It was indeed a special time for the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) as the premier management school formally unveiled its new identity. The rebranding celebration was also a kick-off ceremony for its 50th anniversary in 2018. Students, alumni, faculty members and staff got the chance to enjoy a night of glittering fun to celebrate a significant milestone for the beloved institution.

AIM’s founding father Washington SyCip, members of the founding families, Oscar Lopez and Bud Sorensen, enjoyed the stretch of the evening to share the momentous occasion with fellow dignitaries and administrators.

AIM student Paolo Bediones served as the night’s host. President and dean of AIM Jikyeong Kang, chairman of the board of governors and board of trustees Polly Nazareno, and professor Jess Gallegos shared inspiring messages that captured the institution’s rich history and heritage as the pioneer in management education, and its efforts to address the changing demands of an emerging Asia.

Grammy Award-winning composer, cellist and trombonist Dana Leong and Tektonik treated guests to a world-class musical number. A performance by the Douglas Nierras Powerdance group cued the revelation of AIM’s new logo.

The new brand symbol shows a dynamic combination of purple, blue, green and yellow, which purposefully represents the ever-changing business landscape, while the “nexus” reflects the desire of AIM stakeholders — from the students and administrators to the faculty and alumni — to “Lead. Inspire. Transform.”  This new tag line underscores AIM’s core philosophy of fostering meaningful growth in Asian enterprise and societies.

Kang, Nazareno, and founding families Lopez and Sorensen led the ceremonial toast together with professor Tet Mañalac, board of trustees Gabriel Paredes and Arps de Vera, adviser to the board of trustees Delia Albert, AIM Scientific Research Foundation board of trustees Robert Kuan and Philip Ng and AIM Alumni Association chairman Greg Atienza. A symbolic turnover of the time capsule marked the advent of the institute’s 50th anniversary celebration.

(Follow me on Instagram @pepperteehankee.)

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