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A Thousand Last Chances

Art Verité’s Nette Juvida, CJ Tañedo and Ayala Museum’s Lorraine Datuin.  

Artist CJ Tañedo has quite a following.

The ArtistSpace at the Ayala Museum in Makati City was recently packed with several buyers wanting to get more of his works. Sadly, there were only 12 paintings in this exhibit.

Tañedo is very meticulous about his paintings and takes quite a long time to paint his masterpieces; hence, the small quantity of available works.

The very talented and extremely underrated artist has sold out all his solo shows and his works are quickly snapped up in group shows and auctions here and abroad.

His exhibit called A Thousand Last Chances is Tañedo’s own acknowledgment of being human and his realization that in the ordinary he can err. The artist painted on canvas, wood and glass, a new material he is fascinated with. His works still have  his trademark painted words surrounding the actual painting.

At his recent exhibit, guests not only had a visual feast but also a delicious buffet and booze.

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The Metro Gallery presented the show, which lasted for two weeks. We do hope to see more of this young artist’s works in the near future. Photos by Pepper Teehankee on a Canon PowerShot S120

ABSolutely ready for summer!

Are you #ABSolutelysummerready?

Century Tuna recently launched its latest batch of endorsers who are some of the most promising names in the industry today. The new faces of the Century Tuna’s transformation campaign are Paulo Avelino, James Reid, Elmo Magalona and Jessy Mendiola. They lit the ballroom of New World Makati Hotel with their sexiness and appeal during their introduction to the public.

Marketing manager Gela Gamboa said, “This milestone will be another great way to inspire all of us to go for that fit and healthy body, and to tell our consumers that just like the new Superbods, they, too, can achieve a healthy and sexy physique.” The four new endorsers will continue to promote the advocacy that the brand started with its ambassadors Anne Curtis, John Lloyd Cruz and Boys Night Out hosts DJs Slick Rick, Tony Toni and Sam YG.

Jessy Mendiola said, “Yes! I’m finally part of the Century Tuna family!” She also shared some of her fitness secrets: “I love working out and doing exercises. I do boxing, swimming and many more. I love how they make me more confident and happy in life!”

The three guys also shared their healthy diet. Paulo said, “I usually replace one meal with Century Tuna. This can already do wonders because Century Tuna is low in calorie yet rich in protein and Omega 3 DHA.” James, who is into swimming and gymnastics, also maintains a high-protein diet. Twenty-year-old Elmo shared, “Sometimes, I miss going to the gym so I always go for guilt-free snacks to maintain my body.”

The launch of the brand’s hottest endorsers also coincided with the unveiling of the SuperBod ABS Plan book, making the entire journey to wellness more convenient.

Century Pacific Food Inc. general manager Greg Banzon said, “For years, Century Tuna has been your partner in bringing out the better version of yourself. With the launch of the new Superbods and this book, we aim to make you happier by helping you reach your fitness goals.” (Follow me on Instagram @pepperteehankee.)


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