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IN PHOTOS: Street dancers dress like Sto. Niño for Sinulog 2016

Cebuano street dancers performed before the crowd at the Sinulog Festival. The Freeman/Yasunari Ramon Taguchi

MANILA, Philippines –  Cebuano street dancers displayed images of the Christ Child, or Sto. Niño, and wore his costumes at the Sinulog Festival parade on Sunday.

The street dancers showed Cebu’s rich culture and religiosity by portraying the centuries-old image of the Sto. Niño, a symbol of the dawn of Christianity in the Philippines, in their performances.

Cebuanos also traditionally shout "Viva Pit Señor!" to praise the child Jesus.

The Sinulog Festival, held on every third Sunday of January in Cebu City, is the center of the Sto. Niño Catholic celebrations around the country.

Check out the colorful street dance scene at the Sinulog Grand Parade below.


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 Photos by The Freeman/Yasunari Ramon Taguchi

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