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'Super sexy' transgenders can't enter Valkyrie

Grabbed from The Palace's Facebook account.

MANILA, Philippines - Transgenders can enter Manila's newest party destination, Valkyrie, in Taguig City, but they would have to dress "decent."

In a blogpost by baklapoako.com, it featured a Facebook post of Mico Lloren which reports an incident last February 28 when his transgender friend was denied access to Valkyrie at The Palace at the Bonifacio Global City.

The blogpost is titled "Is Valkyrie Nightclub (of Vice Ganda) the new anti-LGBT bar in the Philippines? How ironic."

Philstar.com inquired about the policy through Valkyrie's hotline 0917-680 888, and the onduty receptionist named Monique confirmed that they do not allow cross-dressers to enter the club.

Asked again for confirmation, Monique clarified that a transgender can still be allowed to enter the club "as long as medyo decent naman daw po ang suot."

Monique said that by saying decent, they mean "not super sexy" or "not too daring."

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"We allow crossdressers basta huwag lang po daring na iyong tipong mababastos sila," the receptionist said.

Asked if girls can dress sexy, the receptionist said: "Okay lang naman po, as long as..."

Mico Lloren, in his Facebook post, said the Valkyrie management wanted "her (his transgender friend) to wear pants since her ID is showing 'Male' and my friend was wearing super sexy yellow dress showing her cleavage."

Mico said that instead of arguing with the Valkyrie people, their group just walked away and went to Raven Club.

"Still it STUNG! There was no way to interpret 'dress code' as anything other than another way of saying 'STAY OUT, TRANNIES. Had this legitimately been about some sort of dress code, why did the bouncer even bothered looking at her ID in the first place," Mico added in his post.

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