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World's largest croc Lolong becomes the most loved

MANILA, Philippines - It's not every day that a celebrity passes on, but when someone famous dies, the world would express mourning even when it's a crocodile that bade farewell.

Users in social networks Twitter and Facebook expressed regret on Monday over the death of the world's largest crocodile in captivity, the country's very own Lolong.

The topic #RIPlolong rose at the trending charts as news broke out of the six-meter, 1,000-kilo reptile's demise following a stomach upset.

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Citing Lolong's recognition by the Guinness Book of World Records as among the country's pride, netizens flooded social media timelines and threads partly to question Agusan del Sur authorities for refusing to place him under the care of national government.

The Southern Philippines province had also been put on the map as international news organizations quoted Mayor Edwin Elorde on his plans for the reptile's remains.

Lolong's Facebook fanpage, meanwhile, boasts of over a thousand followers with a timeline currently covered with goodbyes for the "public figure."

Many also related the crocodile with a local metaphor for crooks and corrupt politicians and to disapprove alleged premature campaigns for the May polls.

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