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Philips offers simple solution to hi-tech need

SoundBar CSS5123

MANILA, Philippines - Most home entertainment systems consist of several speakers and cables and tend to take up more space in your living room.

Now, with the Philips SoundBar, you can do away with the cable clutter and its complicated set-up. Simply sit back, relax and enjoy the high fidelity audio in the comfort of your living room space.

“Philips SoundBar is a range of all-in-one speaker systems designed and engineered to deliver the best entertainment experience from your movie playback through your TVs. For music lovers, it plays your favorite songs true to their original, just like the artists had intended,” said Angelia Oh, general manager for Philips Consumer Lifestyle Philippines.

“The Philips SoundBar truly is an innovation meant to improve consumer’s lives by being able to unwind with the sound of music after a hard day’s work,” Oh added.

The SoundBar is capable of wireless streaming either via built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or even through Android phones and tablets (depending on the models). It can be easily plugged into your flat-screen TV as well.

In addition, the SoundBar is also sleek and bold in its design, and can be placed either on your TV console or wall-mounted below your flat TV. “In this day and age, there’s no more excuse to have a sub-par audio system. Speaker systems are now expected to be multi-functional and convenient, yet deliver superb audio quality,” Oh said.

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The SoundBar family

A 2012 Red Dot Design winner, the SoundBar CSS5123 is a premium speaker system that caters to the demands of the thriving home entertainment market.

“The unmistakably superior sound quality can be attributed to its integrated powerful speakers and a wireless subwoofer,” Oh said.

“It utilizes Virtual Surround Sound technology wherein the speakers are angled accordingly to create a surround sound effect for a realistic movie experience,” Oh added.

Additionally, the SoundBar CSS5123 features DoubleBASS technology which enhances the bass for a deeper and fuller effect. Moreover, its sleek design offers versatility to be placed anywhere.

Oh said this SoundBar can also wirelessly connect with Android phones and tablets. “With SimplyShare technology and Wi-Fi, we made it easy for users to stream movies and even music via an Android device or PC,” she said.

The SoundBar HTL5120 also boasts of powerful true-to-life sound. It is equipped with an integrated subwoofer, as well as an auto-orientation sensor that instantly optimizes audio quality once it detects the speaker’s location — whether the SoundBar is placed horizontally or vertically in a room.

Its Dolby Digital integration makes use of the way the human ear naturally processes sound. Bluetooth connectivity also allows users to play music from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

The SoundBar CSS2123 and CSS2115 are small in size but big in sound. Though smaller, Oh said these speakers eliminate muffled audio due to its two dedicated tweeters.

They also utilize the same Digital Dolby, DoubleBASS and Virtual Surround Sound features for a fuller audio experience. At 70-centimeter wide, these are ultra-compact SoundBars that have a low-rise profile to fit neatly in front of the TV. They come in black or silver. colors.

This range of SoundBars has an extra edge in compatibility and convenience as they allow easy connection to any DVD or Blu-ray disc player as well. Simply connect an external media source, like an external hard drive, via USB and the SoundBar will access and play all media files. Users can enjoy Full HD video projection on TV as it plays cinematic audio.

The Philips SoundBar CSS5123, HTL5120, CSS2123 and CSS2115 are the perfect fit for a complete yet simple home entertainment system, providing cinematic surround sound for a more immersive and realistic viewing experience.

Check out these exciting Philips SoundBars in major electrical stores.


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