At First Glance: Lyceum University of the Philippines Pirates
By Pio Garcia Updated Thursday June 20, 2013 - 12:00am

Tell us, what do you expect out of the third Intramuros squad? Because the way things are, there's no going up for this school. Yet.

The Good

Well there's Shane Ko.

After that you say? By the heavens is this a team built for interbaranggays and intertsinelas or ligang labas? The athletic program of the Lyceum of the Philippines University Pirates is still in its toddler stage as they jumped to the NCAA prematurely. Come on, there should be a competitive standard at least. And they can't even pull something out of their own juniors team.

The Bad

For opposing teams, it's this easy: bottle up Shane Ko and you get an easy road to the win.

Everything's really bad. You have to start somwehere, and forcefully putting yourself in front of the big trucks in the NCAA won't get you anywhere but be a maligned athletic program. Build it up. Stop the win now attitude. This team won't really reach the Final Four.

The Ugly

Well, can't reiterate it enough: just charge this season once more to experience.

And for the love of all that is holy iin basketball, have a recruiting pitch and not just giving away free shoes, jerseys and bags for intertsinelas  fun.

This ain't a rag-tag team as well. This is rag-rag people, come on!

Team Roster

1. Alanes, Shaquille Oswald M.

2. Ambohot, Joseph R.

3. Azores, John Arwin M.

4. Baltazar, Wilson S.

5. Francisco, Mark Anthony D.

6. Garcia, Daniel H.

7. Evangelista, Vergel P.

8. Ko, Shane Albert C.

9. Lacastesantos, Joemari Y.

10. Lesmoras, Tirso Jr., B.

11. Mbomiko Issah, Aziz Faycal

12. Mendoza, Andrei C.

13. Soliman, Paul John Q.

14. Taladua, Jeremiah M.

15. Zamora, Dexter Wilbur T.

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SBC Red Lions 15 3
Letran Knights 14 4
SSC-R Stags 12 7
UPHSD Altas 11 8
EAC Generals 10 8
LPU PirateS 8 10
AU Chiefs 8 10
JRU Bombers 6 12
CSB Blazers 5 13
MIT Cardinals 2 16


Monday, Nov 11, 2013 @ MOA Arena
2:30 pm - Game 1
Nov 14, 2:30 PM - Game 2