At First Glance: Emilio Aguinaldo College Generals
By Pio Garcia Updated Thursday June 20, 2013 - 12:00am

After a great jump-to-the-radar move with Cedric Noubi Happi, the Emilio Aguinaldo Generals finished with a whimper as they just could not get a win. How will they fare this time around?

The Good

No significant graduation has marred the lineup of the Generals.

They have retained the services of Igee King and Franz Chiong to go along with Noubi Happi. How Gerry Esplana can use them well, is up to him. Happi is a given nightly double-double. Who else is there to board and pound for the Generals anyway?

As for King, it's been mercurial. One stretch he's on a hot streak, then the next few games, yes games, he's just out of it. This guy was brought in because he could hang with the big boys. But apparently, it was all in theory? Or are we judging it a bit early?

We all know what we're going to get with Franz Chiong but still, it's still too meager a firepower brigade for them to contend.

The Bad

Bench? What bench are you talking about?

They don't even have help for their three main guys in the starting five. They'll be most certainly ganged up and there's nothing they can do.

There's no one who can take off the pressure from them on a consistent basis so yeah, that's pretty much dead meat.

The Ugly

It's pretty much the same as the ugly. And no, there's no one to watch out for in the EAC team as of the moment. Why is that? Well, they won't provide nary a blip in the tourney. It's going to be a looooong season in basketball for the Generals.

Team Roster

1. Arquero, Jack Lord S.

2. Castro, Sherwin D.

3. Happi Noube, Cedric Benjamin

4. Hassan, Janner M.

5. Hiole Manga, Jean Jacques

6. Jamon, Jan Niccolo Q.

7. King, Igee Bobbie P.

8. Mejos, Christ Fernan M.

9. Monteclaro, John Dominique M.

10. Morada, Jose Remy II B.

11. Munsayac, Francis John T.

12. Onwubere, Sidney Nelson B.

13. Paguia, Elyzar P.

14. Saludo, Edsel Roy M.

15. Tayongtong, John Marco D.

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Letran Knights 14 4
SSC-R Stags 12 7
UPHSD Altas 11 8
EAC Generals 10 8
LPU PirateS 8 10
AU Chiefs 8 10
JRU Bombers 6 12
CSB Blazers 5 13
MIT Cardinals 2 16


Monday, Nov 11, 2013 @ MOA Arena
2:30 pm - Game 1
Nov 14, 2:30 PM - Game 2