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‘Rodriguez should get landfill fees’

The mayor of Rodriguez (formerly Montalban), Rizal insisted yesterday that the municipal government, not the provincial government, should receive payment for Metro Manila’s garbage being dumped in the town’s sanitary landfill.

Mayor Pedro Cuerpo said he is fighting for the right of his municipality to be paid the dumping fees because it hosts the landfill.

He said that for six and a half years, Rodriguez town has received payment from haulers and the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority.

He said the revenue generated from the dumping fees is spent for the salaries of municipal employees, infrastructure and other development projects, and the delivery of basic services.

Last week, the Makati City regional trial court lifted the injunction it had issued against the Rodriguez municipal government on the landfill issue.

However, the question remains as to who should receive payment for the garbage being dumped in the landfill, which Cuerpo said should be resolved as soon as possible.

Cuerpo said he has no quarrel with Rizal Gov. Casimiro Ynares III, adding that both of them are just doing their job of protecting their respective turfs.

Cuerpo, however, rejected a proposal that his municipality and the provincial government evenly divide the land­fill’s income, saying, “It will be very difficult for me to explain it to the people.”

He said the revenue derived from the landfill operations is the “people’s money” and that it is not for him to just agree to the proposal so as to end the controversy.

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