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Taxi driver files raps vs attacker caught on road rage video

A woman identified as Cherish Charmaine Interior (inset) approaches the taxi driven by Virgilio Doctor, who staggers out of his vehicle after being struck by Interior. Images taken from a video posted on Facebook by Joshua Baluyot.

MANILA, Philippines — The taxi driver seen being hit in a viral road altercation video filed a case against his attacker on Tuesday.

Virgilio Doctor, 52, went to the Quezon City Hall of Justice on Tuesday to file cases of unjust vexation, malicious mischief and slight physical injuries against his attacker, a woman who has been identified as Cherish Sharmaine Interior.

The charges were filed before the QC Prosecutor's Office.

Doctor filed the case with Ariel Inton, a lawyer and former Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board member. Inton is also president of the Lawyers for Commuters’ Safety and Protection.

He also filed complaints against Interior before the LTFRB and Quezon City Police District Station 3 last Monday.

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On Saturday, a video of Doctor and Interior’s road argument became viral after netizen Joshue Baluyot posted it online.

In the viral video, Interior was seen blocking Doctor and punching him in the face. She also tried to dismantle the taxi’s side mirror.

In a press interview on Monday, Doctor claimed the altercation started along Congressional Avenue when he tried to overtake Interior’s vehicle.

Interior then confronted him and hit him in the face.

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The cabbie claimed his attacker also repeatedly cursed at him and even hit his taxi with a pipe or a golf club before punching him.

“Dapat po siyang maturuan ng leksyon, (She should be taught a lesson,)” Doctor said in a recorded ambush interview. — Rosette Adel

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