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Malabon man steals P130K to buy gifts for girlfriend, drinks for pals

The suspect is detained at Malabon City Jail while waiting for inquest proceedings for qualified theft.
MANILA, Philippines — A househelp had the time of his life over the All Saints' Day holidays by going on a shopping spree, buying his friends drinks, and spending the night with a prostitute using stolen money.
According to PO2 Junny Delgado, Malabon resident Rochie Abrenica, 40, went to visit departed loved ones in Bulacan over the holidays and left Romnick Tabaransa, 23, to watch over her home. She also had relatives staying at her house at the time.
Police said Labaransa went on a drinking session with two others last week, and as his companions were asleep, stole more than P133,000 in cash from Abrenica's room.
Delgado said a witness saw Labaransa leaving the room with the cash wrapped in a towel.
When the police arrested Labaransa after Abrenica filed a complaint against him, they found clothes and sneakers, a mobile phone worth P10,000 and a plane ticket to Butuan, all believed to have been bought with the stolen money.
When the police visited the residence of the suspect's girlfriend, they also found a 42-inch television worth P15,000, some tiles, and a sofa set apparently also bought with Abrenica's money. 
Delgado said the suspect admitted to stealing the money to buy his mother gifts for her birthday.
But he also admitted using the money for a party at a nearby resort and to hire a girl from Monumento.
The suspect is detained at Malabon City Jail while waiting for inquest proceedings for qualified theft.
Speaking with the STAR over the telephone, Abrenica said she was disappointed that a trusted aide stole from her.
Abrenica said she is willing to drop the charges if Tabaransa can return the P133,000. The police only recovered P10,000 from the suspect.
"I didn't expect him to do that because I trusted him... I realize now that you can't trust anyone," she said.
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