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Leni’s 'Angat Buhay' sends help to Bohol town

Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation is the disaster management component of the Angat Buhay program that focuses on providing assistance to our fellow Filipinos who have been put to risk by calamities or armed conflicts. OVP

MANILA, Philippines — The Office of the Vice President, through its Angat Buhay program, sent relief goods to the affected residents in Inabanga, Bohol where government forces clashed with Abu Sayyaf members.

The partners of Angat Buhay have responded through the Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation component of the OVP program by sending initial batch of donations on Wednesday.

Thirty sacks of rice, 15 boxes of canned food and 80 packs of bottled water were turned over to the residents of Inabanga who have been moved to evacuation sites.

READ: Abu Sayyaf leader Abu Rami killed in Bohol

Ten people were killed in the joint operation of Armed Forces of the Philippines and Philippine National Police against Abu Sayyaf members who came from Mindanao on Monday on three pump boats.

Muammar Askali, alias Abu Rami, was among the six members of the armed group that were killed on Tuesday’s clash. However, three soldiers and a cop were also dead.

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Despite the intrusion of armed men, the Bohol government and authorities claimed that the province is the “safest place on earth.”

The US and Australian embassy warned their citizens on Monday of a possible kidnapping threat in Central Visayas, where Bohol is located. Both embassies cited "unsubstantiated yet credible" that terrorist groups would attempt kidnappings in the region, which is a popular destination for tourists.

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