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2 Palawan areas declared marine protected

MANILA, Philippines - The conservation group World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) recently declared two marine protected areas (MPAs) in Palawan.

These are 1,013,340 hectares covering the coastal and offshore waters of Cagayancillo town and 80,000 hectares of Aborlan. 

Joel Palma, WWF-Philippines president and chief executive officer, said the declaration aims to rebuild fish stock in the coral triangle.

“Sadly, many MPAs are plagued by lack of funding. Just over 100 MPAs are properly administered. Many are negatively viewed by coastal people as deterrents to their ability to fish in front of their homes,” Palma said.

WWF has been focusing on the value of MPAs to maximize fisheries production instead of merely protecting biodiversity.

WWF said collaborative management is the key to effective and sustainably funded MPAs. Roles, responsibilities and benefits are shared between national and local authorities, communities, the private sector and other resource users, it said.

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“Realizing that sustainability means business viability, the initiative works with the local seafood and tourism sectors to finance and manage MPAs and sustainable fishing initiatives,” Palma said.

The WWF and its allies are protecting 904,000 hectares of MPAs in the Philippines.

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