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Palace: 'No garage, no car purchase' policy to help ease traffic

Traffic is at a standstill as commuters wait for public transport at the intersection of EDSA and Roxas Boulevard following a brief downpour on September 8. Bernardo Batuigas

MANILA, Philippines - A law prohibiting the purchase of vehicles if the buyer does not own parking space will help ease traffic in Metro Manila, Malacañang said Tuesday.

Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said such measure will unclog roads that have become parking lots for some vehicle owners.

"Ang panukala ay naglalayong pigilin ang pagdami ng sasakyang pinaparada sa kalsada dahil walang garahe. Sa ganitong paraan, mababawasan ang pagsikip ng kalsada upang bumilis ang daloy ng trapik," Coloma said.

"Karapat dapat na bigyan ito ng seryosong pag-aaral," he added.

The Philippine National Police Highway Patrol Group (HPG) has made the proposal as the government continues to address the worsening traffic situation in the metro.

Two weeks ago, Aquino directed the HPG to serve as the lead traffic law enforcement agency on EDSA.

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Aquino ordered the HPG and concerned government agencies to clear six major intersections that are considered traffic congestion "choke points" along the major thoroughfare.

In a speech last month, Aquino said traffic in Metro Manila has become worse because of the increasing number of vehicles.

He said that according to the Department of Trade and Industry, over 22,400 new cars are being sold every month.

There were also about 1.2 million new motorcycles in 2014.

"Ang resulta po: Siyempre, lalong siksikan sa kalsada. At natural, dahil sa trapiko, ang sasakyan at motorsiklo na pinag-ipunan mo nang husto, mas mabilis malalaspag dahil nakababad lang sa karbon," he said.

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