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PNP probes 'brutality' in viral video

In this file photo from PNP-Mandaluyong, an official inspects cops in formation at the city hall complex. PNP PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine National Police (PNP) has started its investigation on an alleged police brutality caught in a video that circulated at least 7,000 times online, the police organization's spokesperson said Monday.

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PNP spokesperson Chief Superintendent Generoso Cerbo said that three cops in Paniqui, Tarlac are being probed for allegedly beating up an unarmed man as seen in the 39-second clip.

In the video uploaded on a Facebook page on Sunday, a civilian is seen arguing with unidentified policemen in a crowded street until the discussion heated up and he got cornered by the three law enforcers.

One of the police officers pushed the civilian with a kick, while another followed up the offense with a series of blows even when the victim was already down on the floor.

Several onlookers are also seen in the video including a young boy.

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As of Monday afternoon, the video post by a Facebook fan page called "Like a BOSS" has earned 7,150 shares in the social network.

Users angrily commented on the video, expressing their disappointment with police.

"Mahina siguro ang kotong kaya mainitin ang ulo. Tanggal kayo ngayon sa serbisyo! Dapat makarating sa (National Police Commission) 'yan!" Facebook user Shinjiro Matangob said.

Sean Lusaya Torre, having viewed the video, also said that even if the man was a criminal, the police should treat and apprehend him "in the right way" without resorting to violence.

"Kahit na holdapper 'yan, dapat posas ang katapat, kaya nga may presinto e, at least doon siya maghihirap," Torre posted.

YouTube user Jenard Mercado backed up the said video in the sharing site as seen above.

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