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Stoplight TV celebrates Season 16 with a cause

MANILA, Philippines - Stoplight TV, the country’s premier motoring and motorsports program, recently began its 16th season on Philippine television. To commemorate this feat, the proponents behind Stoplight TV decided to establish a non-profit activity entitled “Fun Fridays for a Cause”. This inter car club activity continues Stoplight TV’s Motor Weekends event series and is happening on April 3, 2009. It aims to gather various car clubs at the People’s Village inside the Tiendesitas Frontera Verde for the benefit of the Associacion de Damas Filipinas, a temporary shelter and foster service to disadvantaged children, who are either neglected, abandoned or orphaned at an early age, and which in 1998, was also razed by fire killing twenty three children with five house parents. Several local motoring clubs including ATX Grupo South, Auto Mujeres Pinas, Good Guys of San Sebastian, Club AE, Cavite Girl Racers, Ford Escort Club, Team Akina and Old Schooler Auto Club pledged their participation in this simple gathering at Tiendesitas.

“We have been leading in the Philippine motoring television arena since we aired our first episode years ago and we never looked backed since then or went off air for that matter, rather, this 2009, we further expanded our viewership which now totals to eight broadcast channels worldwide. As we celebrate our 16th season on television, instead of coming up with a lavish and extravagant motoring event, we did the opposite and decided to make it a simple cause-oriented get together and pay it forward to our less fortunate Filipino brothers and sisters,” said Eggay Quesada, Executive Producer of Stoplight TV.

The syndicated magazine program is the country’s most viewed motoring and motorsports television show which showcases weekly motoring highlights from both motorcycle and automotive industries. Aside from features, news and public service, the program also covers almost 100% of local motorsports from underbone motorcycle racing to formula race cars. Stoplight TV is also the only motoring program in the Philippines to have official broadcast partnerships with international motorsport organizations including A1GP – A1 Grand Prix of Nations, FIM Motocross World Championship, FIM World Supercross Championship, Asian Formula 3 Corporation, FIM Motocross Masters of Asia and the Speed Car Series among others. The program is also an official broadcast partner of several Formula One racing teams.

At the beginning of the year, Stoplight TV also became the first Philippine motoring program to have its own 3G television service via its mobile site at Mobile.Stoplight.TV, which enables phone users from any of the local cellular networks to watch episodes of Stoplight TV at their convenience from anywhere in the country at the touch of their fingertips.

“Our program has always been a pioneer in the motoring television industry and we constantly push ourselves to a higher level of excellence for the benefit of our viewers, clients and partners. Ever since we established our own 24/7 Internet TV Channel at www.Stoplight.TV in 2006, viewers kept on clamoring for us to come up with a mobile TV site. We are here to listen and serve because being at the forefront of what we do, is what we do best,” said DJ Matt Montoya-Yngson, host and co-Executive Producer.

Stoplight TV is the only motoring program in the Philippines that airs regularly from Monday to Sunday with a weekly nationwide primary broadcast every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on ABS-CBN’s UHF free tv, Studio 23. The program is re-broadcasted everyday from Monday to Saturday on the Viva-Prime Channel nationwide (on Global Destiny Cable ch. 79 in Metro Manila and its affiliates nationwide, Cablelink ch. 33 Metro Manila, and also on SkyCable/Pilipino Cable/SunCable in Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela, Rizal, Taguig and its affiliates nationwide). In the Philippines, Stoplight TV is the only motoring-related television program with the highest number of viewer ratio per airing per household due to the fact of the sheer number of airings per week. On a global scale, the motoring show is once again ahead in its field with syndicated broadcast partnerships with several networks worldwide including NBN Japan, NBN Canada and NBN America as well as The Filipino Channel (TFC) in the Middle East, Australia, North America, Europe and Japan. The show is hosted by professional model Mayone Bakunawa and female motorcycle superstar Love-Love Tioseco together with radio and club connoisseur DJ Matt Montoya. It is no wonder the program is truly world class – it gives voices to local grassroots as well as dishing out balanced information and entertainment in one jam-packed program.

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“Stoplight TV is an unbiased general patronage program and with our team of young, creative and forward looking individuals, we provide the audience with an audio-visual mix of motoring edu-tainment or educational entertainment. That’s why viewers of all ages and social classes love watching our show – because they get to enjoy the latest in the motoring scene without getting bored,” said Nordan Romulo, Director of Stoplight TV.

Something to celebrate indeed, season 16 is just one of the many seasons to come for the country’s premier and most viewed motoring program. You can easily reach Stoplight TV through Kinetic Productions Inc. at 0918-4479006, (02) 631-7540 to 42, (02) 692-9009 or email at and via its website and 24/7 Internet TV channel at www.Stoplight.TV.

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