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An 'it' list in black and white from Our Home

MANILA, Philippines - Just as it is in the realm of fashion, the use of black and white in interiors is all about elegance, simplicity, and drama. Somehow the attraction of opposites — light and darkness, positive and negative, yin and yang — give a fresh, clean, and sophisticated look to any room.

That’s why black and white ranks high on Our Home’s “It List,” with furniture and home furnishings that sleek, fresh, and contemporary.

Black-and-white is a perfect color combination for any decorating style. Here are some B/W style tips from Our Home, the lifestyle store where you can get great designs at great prices:

Black in accessories, light fixtures, trims, or in one bold piece of furniture will help catch the eye and sharpen any decorating scheme. It will serve as the outline that sets off specific areas of objects. Our Home’s Siegried Bedframe in black patterned PU leather can serve as a focal point in modern bedrooms.

Use furniture and accessories to make a bold statement in contemporary style interiors. Our Home’s black-and-white center tables make interesting conversation pieces not only for their color, but also for their sleek structure.

• When shopping for fabrics, keep an eye for bold black and white patterns. Our Home’s black and white throw pillows by ARQ and plump pillows create balance in your home.

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While black by itself is striking, you can get real drama with spark by pairing black with white. Our Home’s Celeste black and white dining table paired with black dining chairs will add sophistication to your dining room.

Walls painted stark or a soft, ivory white serve as a perfect background for background for framed photographs, prints, and other artwork. Our Home’s decorative mirrors, Quadro abstract frames, and Lovana frames will add an artsy touch to your home.

Use black and white alone or with other color accents to create a style that ‘s both simple and classic.

The Black and White collection is available at Our Home stores nationwide. Design may vary per store. For information, visit

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