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The right tools for the job at HSBC

The drill of it all: A wide range of hand tools for home improvement projects.

MANILA, Philippines - Every homeowner knows that building your dream home requires the right tools. Well, at HSBC, the right tools for constructing your future begin with the right loan.

Anyone who has thought about putting home plans in motion — buying a parcel of land, hiring an architect, purchasing building materials, or even just knocking down a wall to add space to their existing sala — knows it starts with the basics. And usually, the basics require a certain amount of money.

Whether you are planning to add a room to an existing home, thinking of buying new property, refinancing your existing loan or starting from scratch with a set of blueprints, HSBC now has the best tools for you to get started.

I have a friend who just finished putting up his dream house; he proudly declared that he had picked out everything in it, down to every last type of screw. Call it the need to make the world around you a little better — whether it’s changing a couple light bulbs, giving your place a couple new coats of paint, or picking out just the right screw design — fixing things up fills homeowners with a certain pride.

Having done a few home repairs myself, I also know the value of a good hardware store. There’s something about aisles and aisles of tools and building materials that just puts a goofy smile on most men’s faces.

Locks good: Add elegance to your home with these doorknobs and lock sets.

Ace Hardware, for instance, has everything a person fixing up his or her dream home might need. From the basics (building materials, acoustic and floor tiles, lock sets, paints and brushes, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, etc.) to the tools you will need (electric saws and drills, screwdrivers, wrenches and ratchet sets, staplers and nail guns, electric sanders and drill-hammers) to the “finishing touches” (let’s say a barbecue grill in the backyard, a party tent, some lawn furniture and a cooler full of cold beer) they’ve got your home improvement needs covered. (Well, everything except the beer.)

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And looking for a home loan doesn’t necessarily mean a rigid, long-term, big-budget scheme either. With HSBC’s Home Loan, you have access to flexible features and world-class benefits that allow you to customize your loan to fit your own unique needs and requirements.

In fact, with HSBC’s very low interest rates, your dreams can begin today. New Home Loan applicants can enjoy 5.99% interest rate per annum under a 1-year fixed re-pricing scheme, 7.49% for 2-year re-pricing; 7.99% for 3-year re-pricing; and 8.99% for 5-year re-pricing.

It starts like this: if you open an HSBC Home Loan account of at least P2 million, you automatically qualify as an HSBC Advance Customer. Open a home loan of at least P6 million and you’ll be recognized as an HSBC Premier  Customer throughout the bank’s global network.

With this, you get discounts on your interest rate for succeeding years — something any long-term home loan recipient will appreciate.

In fact, all HSBC Advance and HSBC Premier customers exclusively enjoy 0.25 percent and one percent off, respectively, on the prevailing/standard home loan interest rate, starting with the next re-pricing period. This amounts to bigger savings for the life of your loan — and more money to invest in, let’s say, that outdoor swimming pool you’ve been dreaming about.

Color my world: Ace Hardware has lead-free, odorless and non-toxic Ace Paints with over 2,000 colors to choose from.

As “the world’s local bank,” HSBC understands the needs of every homeowner or homebuilder — wherever they’re starting from, wherever they want to go, and most importantly, how they plan to get there.

Because not everyone has the same plan or future in mind, HSBC’s Home Loan program is about flexibility.

You can choose a monthly or semi-monthly (every two weeks) payment scheme to match your personal cash flow needs. HSBC also offers either the Straight-line or Reducing Balance Calculation Method to chart your ideal payment scheme. Opt for straight-line to easily forecast your amortization cost along with your other expenses; or go for the reducing balance option to save on interest payments.

And in this time of increasingly international lifestyles, HSBC understands the value of offering loan payment in many currencies. You can call an HSBC Home Loan Specialist and ask for a home loan quotation in your preferred foreign currency.

Let’s put it this way: in dreams begin responsibilities. But you’re probably going to need some serious, real-world tools to fulfill those responsibilities. And HSBC — along with Ace Hardware — has the right kind of tools to turn sweet dreams into tangible realities.

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Apply for an HSBC Home Loan today. Call (02) 85-800 to speak to HSBC’s team of dedicated Home Loan Specialists to help you come up with a custom loan package. Click to Or visit your nearest branch.

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